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The simple answer is no, wheel spacers do not require longer studs. Wheel spacers are divided into Slip-on wheel spacers and Bolt-on wheel spacers, the difference between them is that Bolt-on wheel spacers are fixed with extended lug bolts, by putting the extended lug bolts through the rim and wheel spacers, the threads of the lug bolt will engage with the threads of the hub lug bolt holes to secure the rim. The thickness of the wheel spacers increases the length of the lug bolt required, and OE lug bolts will no longer be applicable. The steps to properly use Slip-on wheel spacers are very simple, just torque the lug bolts to the exact torque value with a torque wrench, at the correct torque value, Slip-on wheel spacers are as safe as the vehicle would be without wheel spacers installed.

The other one is Bolt-on wheel spacers that we are going to introduce today. Bolt-on wheel spacers from BONOSS and several other famous wheel spacers manufacturing companies have similarities in the basic design structure, which is also under the general category of Bolt-on wheel spacers. Their similarities in that Bolt-on wheel spacers come with studs, the number of which may be four studs or five studs or more depending on the number of studs on the car, and come with matching lug nuts for installation.

These lug nuts are used when bolting the Bolt-on wheel spacers to the hub. The lug nuts that come with the wheel spacers and are installed with the studs on the hub, using the BONOSS recommended or accepted torque values. After ensuring that the lug nuts are threaded into the studs on the hub, the wheel spacers can be considered as part of the hub. A certain thickness of wheel spacers will be installed with the studs on the hub protruding outward or recessed in the nut holes of the wheel spacers.

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However, it cannot be ruled out that when using wheel spacers that are too thin, the studs of the hub protrude too much resulting in insufficient space for the rim, making it impossible to install the rim properly. After installing the lug nuts, align the rim with the studs on the wheel spacers for installation, using what can be OE lug nuts, the BONOSS stud threads are matched with OE lug nuts.

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The most frequently asked question about studs is “Do wheel spacers require longer studs?” Because the above-mentioned thin wheel spacers may not come with studs, customers think they need to replace OE studs, this is an unwise approach. As generally, vehicles with studs (e.g. Mazda, Tesla, Toyota, etc.) use mostly Bolt-on wheel spacers, because the reason is Bolt-on wheel spacers minimize the possibility of mechanical changes, and the fixing of the rim is done by the studs on the wheel spacers. Therefore, longer studs are not required, and Bolt-on wheel spacers are used with the appropriate length of studs.

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BONOSS Bolt-on Wheel Spacers Studs

These studs actually belong to the classification of bolts, because their material grades are divided according to the grade of the bolt, and their grades are 4.6, 4.8, 5.8, 8.8, 9.8, 10.9, 12.9, of which the subdivided material grades are not included, but 12.9 is recognized as the highest grade of the bolt, or the highest grade of wheel stud.

The grades are judged on the basis of four data: Proof strength [MPa], Yield strength (min) [MPa], Tensile strength (min) [MPa], and Core hardness [Rockwell]. The BONOSS wheel stud grade is 12.9, which achieves the standard 1100 MPa Yield strength. “The yield strength is often used to determine the maximum allowable load in a mechanical component, since it represents the upper limit to forces that can be applied without producing permanent deformation.”  1220 MPa Tensile strength, “The maximum stress that a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before breaking.” These data are visual proof of the material performance of Grade 12.9 bolts, while BONOSS provides customers with a safe and secure product.