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Few cars have such a classic, futuristic, muscular look from the ’60s, and maintain its main character to this day. This time our BONOSS Mod Day invited this classic muscle car—Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. We chose a Pirelli PZero Tire 305/35ZR20 for the upgrade and then used Dodge Challenger wheel spacers to match the axle pattern and adjust the ET values. So let’s take a look at Do Dodge Challenger Wheel Spacers Really Make A Difference.

What Do Dodge Challenger Wheel Spacers Do?

dodge challenger wheel spacers-bonoss

1. Dodge Challenger Wheel Spacers Can Improve The Matching Of The Aftermarket Wheel To The Vehicle

Most of the aftermarket wheels are manufactured with lug centric design because more economical benefits can be obtained. Manufacturers design a bigger center bore of wheels so that these wheels can fit a wider range of car models. Therefore, the aftermarket wheel with a large range of matching will cause a lower matching accuracy, and there will be a certain installation clearance when it is installed on the vehicle. This can create a range of security concerns.

In the wheel upgrade of the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat this time, we used Dodge Challenger wheel spacers to solve this problem. The wheel data corresponding to the Dodge Challenger is Bolt Pattern (PCD): 5×115, Center Bore (CB): 71.6, Wheel Fastener: Lug Nuts, Thread Size: M14x1.5. We chose spacers’ step data that match the aftermarket wheel and the original car’s axle pattern. The wheel will center the hub like the automaker’s design, with firm contact and support. Dodge Challenger wheel spacers can really make a new set of aftermarket wheels safer and higher matching accuracy.

2. Dodge Challenger Wheel Spacers Can Correct Or Adjust The ET Value Of The Wheel Expediently

As we all know, the ET value of a wheel is the number of millimeters that the wheel center line deviates from the mounting surface. The higher the ET value, the more inward the wheel is; the lower the ET value, the more the wheel protrudes outward.

This time the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has an ET value of ET 18.5 for the original wheels. After changing the Pirelli tire, we still feel that gives people the feeling that they are tucked in the car body, which does not give people a bright feeling. So, we chose 38mm Dodge Challenger wheel spacers to maximize the aggressiveness of this muscle pony. You can see the final result in the picture. The Dodge Challenger wheel spacers can really enhance the vehicle’s stance when it running on the road.

It Is OK To Use Dodge Challenger Wheel Spacers?

Some Misconceptions About Wheel Spacers

You can see some articles about wheel spacers on Google, and the answer in the People Also Ask is “There is a popular misconception that wheel spacers improve handling characteristics on sports cars because of this wider track. While there might be a slight cornering advantage due to the change in suspension geometry, the negatives far outweigh any benefits.”

First of all, for experienced modification enthusiasts, the wear and replacement of auto parts is a very normal thing. All parts have a life cycle limit, if for better performance, these cycles will definitely be shortened. After all, you are modifying the vehicle to improve the performance or appearance, so you must pay some price for it. For example, you have replaced a set of negative ET wheel, but its protruding degree is slightly inconsistent with your mind or has friction with other parts, then install wheel spacers to correct which affect the wear of your parts very little.

Secondly, if you are a user who does not frequently modify the car, and the performance and appearance requirements of the vehicle are not so high. You can choose the appropriate thin thickness spacers to install. The suitable thickness spacers can minimize the wear rate by calculation and simulation, and just need to check the vehicle on time. This allows you to enjoy the convenience of wheel spacers without worrying about the wear of other parts.

dodge challenger wheel spacers-bonoss
dodge challenger wheel spacers
dodge challenger wheel spacers-bonoss

It is OK to use wheel spacers? In fact, as long as modifying the wheel or some other wheel assembly parts, it will definitely increase the wear and tear compared to the originally designed vehicle model, because this will make your vehicle no longer drive on the road like the previous stance. But that is exactly the result you want to get after car mod. When upgrading and refitting a vehicle, choose a professional refitting shop, trust authoritative automotive engineers, and buy well-known and guaranteed parts brands, so you don’t need to worry too much. Go after your dream car, we BONOSS will be your most trusted partner.

(Thanks for the pictures provided by the auto refit shop-Power Up, Shajing, Shenzhen, China.)