If you own a Honda and want to customize the look and performance of your ride, using wheel spacers is a popular modification. Wheel spacers change the offset of your wheels, pushing them outward to sit more flush with the fenders. This can give your Honda a more aggressive, lowered stance. But is it safe to drive with wheel spacers on your Honda? Let’s take a closer look.

Is it Safe to Drive with Honda Wheel Spacers?

What are Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are circular metal rings that bolt between your wheel hubs and wheels. They come in different thicknesses, allowing you to adjust the position of your wheels. Thicker spacers push the wheels outward more.

Wheel spacers work by changing the offset of your wheels. Offset refers to how far in or out a wheel sits relative to the hub. More offset means the wheel sticks out less. Less offset makes the wheel stick out more.

By installing spacers, you are decreasing the offset and pushing the wheels outward. This is what gives your Honda that cool, widened stance when using spacers.

What is the disadvantage of car spacers?

Requires Tuning – A professional alignment is needed after install to tune for the new wheel position.Reduces Safety Margins – There is less clearance between the wheels and suspension components, leaving less margin for error. The bottom line is you need high quality, properly engineered spacers sized specifically for your Honda model. And they must be installed correctly.

How big wheel spacers are useful for Honda?

Wheel spacer thickness for Hondas generally ranges from 5mm to 30mm. Here are some typical sizes used.

10mm or 12mm – A subtle change that pushes wheels out slightly for a wider, lower look. Least impact on components.

20mm – A moderate spacer size that is very popular on Hondas. Gives a nice aggressive stance.

25mm-30mm – The largest spacers recommended for Hondas. Gives maximum width but also places more stress on components. Requires extra care.

Know that thicker spacers above 20mm are considered more high risk. It’s smart to be conservative with spacer size, especially for a daily driven Honda. A professional can help advise you on safe spacer sizing options.

Which brand Honda wheel spacers are better?

So you’ve decided to use spacers on your Honda, but which brand to choose? BONOSS wheel spacers are considered the top choice for Hondas for several important reasons.

Precisely Engineered – BONOSS Honda wheel spacers are CAD designed and CNC machined to exact OE specifications for proper fit and performance. No cutting corners here!

Aircraft Grade Aluminum – Constructed from 7075T6 aircraft aluminum, NOT cheaper steel. This ensures the highest strength while remaining lightweight.

Rigorous Testing – BONOSS Honda wheel spacers undergo extensive load, radial, and impact testing to verify their safety and durability. Your Honda deserves the best!

Anodized Coating – An anodized coating resists corrosion and protects from the elements, meaning longer life.

Guaranteed Fitment – With a huge selection of sizes, BONOSS guarantees proper year, make and model fitment for your specific Honda’s wheels. No guesswork here!

Easy, No Hassle Install – BONOSS Honda wheel spacers install easily in just minutes using your Honda’s existing hardware. No special tools required!

So if you’ve decided wheel spacers are right for your ride, choose the wheel spacer brand designed specifically with Hondas in mind – BONOSS. Their uncompromising quality and engineering make them the top choice for improving the look, stance and handling of your Honda. Just be sure to install responsibly!