Evoque wheel spacers FAQ (All you want know)

Evoque wheel spacers are parts that go between the wheel and the hub of your Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, making them farther apart. They can enhance the look, performance, and handling of your vehicle by giving it a broader stance and a more aggressive appearance. Here are some common questions about Evoque wheel spacers.

What are the benefits of Evoque wheel spacers?

Evoque wheel spacers can offer several advantages.

  • Improving the look of your Evoque by closing the space between the wheel and the fender, making it look more sporty and muscular.
  • Boosting the stability of your Evoque by increasing the track width, lowering body roll and enhancing cornering performance.
  • Fixing the offset of your Evoque wheels if they are too deep or too shallow, making them match better with the hub and the suspension.
  • Clearing the brake calipers of your Evoque if you have upgraded to bigger brakes or wheels, avoiding rubbing and scraping issues.
  • Creating more room for your Evoque tires if you have installed larger or wider tires, preventing contact with the inner wheel well or suspension components.

What are the types of Evoque wheel spacers?

Evoque wheel spacers have two main types: bolt-on and slip-on.

  • Bolt-on wheel spacers are secured to the hub using special bolts or studs, and then the wheel is fixed on the spacer using the original lug nuts. Bolt-on spacers are more reliable and stable but need longer studs or bolts to fit correctly.
  • Slip-on wheel spacers are simply placed over the existing studs or bolts, and then the wheel is secured on top of them using extended lug nuts. Slip-on spacers are simpler to install and remove, but they may not fit tightly on the hub and may cause shaking or wobbling.

What are the sizes of Evoque wheel spacers?

Evoque wheel spacers have various sizes, from 5mm to 30mm in thickness. The size you pick depends on your personal taste, your wheel offset, your tire size, and your suspension setup. Generally speaking, thicker spacers will give you a more visible change in look and performance, but they may also cause more pressure on the hub and the suspension. Thinner spacers will give you a more slight change, but they may not be enough to fix your offset or clear your brakes.

How to install Evoque wheel spacers?

To install wheel spacers on your Evoque, you need some basic tools and skills. Follow these steps:

  • Use a jack and jack stands, or a lift if available, to raise your Evoque.
  • Take off the wheels from the hub with a lug or impact wrench.
  • Use a wire brush or a rag to clean the hub and the wheel mounting surface, getting rid of any dirt, rust, or grease.
  • Put some anti-seize compound or thread locker on the studs or bolts on the hub, to protect them from corrosion and loosening.
  • Place the wheel spacer on the hub, ensuring it is snug and level. If you have bolt-on spacers, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to tighten the bolts or studs. If you have slip-on spacers, put them over the existing studs or bolts.
  • Put back the wheels on top of the spacers, using extended lug nuts if required. Use a torque wrench to tighten them in a star pattern, following the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Lower your Evoque and check for any clearance issues or interference with the brakes, tires, fenders, or suspension. If you find any problems, take off the spacers and adjust them accordingly.
  • Drive your Evoque and check for any vibration, noise, or steering issues. If you find any problems, stop right away and check the spacers and wheels for any damage or looseness.

Are Evoque wheel spacers safe and legal?

Yes, Evoque wheel spacers are safe if you install them properly, and they are legal in most regions. You should seek quality and fit spacers for your Range Rover Evoque and install them based on the guide of the manufacturer. Pick up wheel spacers corresponding to 5×108 PCD and 63.4 CB, and torque them about 140NM.

Evoque wheel spacers FAQ (All you want know)

Where to buy quality Evoque wheel spacers online?

BONOSS Evoque wheel spacers are one of the most famous spacers online. Click here to procure BONOSS Evoque wheel spacers. These spacers are high-strength and high-performance products.

BONOSS Evoque wheel spacers are 7075-T6 and 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. The slip-on spacers are lightweight hollowed design while the bolt-on spacers are active cooling design with grooves to cool the spacers and wheels. Besides, the paired wheel bolts and nuts are respectively ISO grade 12.9 and 10 which means they are tough enough to avoid bending. The quality of all spacers and bolts has been verified by SGS, TUV, and ISO. Meanwhile, BONOSS provides a 10-year warranty for spacers.

BONOSS Evoque wheel spacers are fitment. They are all hub-centric wheel spacers with lips in the bore to center the spacers on the hub, obviously more reliable than lug-centric wheel spacers. These hub-centric Evoque wheel spacers are more secure due to the multi-stage design. With chamfers and stages on the hub bore and wheel bore, common hub-centric wheel spacers can not eliminate the gap, but multi-stage hub-centric wheel spacers are capable to minimize the lacuna between spacers, hubs and wheels.