One of the reasons why the Ford F150 is a popular pickup truck is because it can handle different kinds of tasks and loads. To use your truck safely and efficiently, you need to know the size and type of lug nuts that hold the wheels in place. This way, you can have the right tools and parts ready for tire changes and maintenance. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll go over all the essential information about F150 lug nuts that owners should be aware of.

Ford F150 Lug Nuts Size: Everything You Need to Know

What Size Are Ford F150 Lug Nuts?

Most F150 models from 2010-2023 use a 14mm x 1.5 lug nut size. Here’s a breakdown by model year: 2010-2014 F150 – 14mm x 2.0 lug nuts 2015-2020 F150 – 14mm x 1.5 lug nuts 2021-2023 F150 – 14mm x 1.5 lug nuts. So unless you have an older classic F150 from the 1990s or earlier, you’ll need a 21mm socket and wrench to remove and install the lug nuts.

What Type Are OEM Ford F150 Lug Nuts?

The OEM factory lug nuts on F150s are a cone seat mag wheel nut. This means they have a tapered shape to align and secure mag wheels. Aftermarket lug nuts come in different seat styles like ball seat and spline drive. But stick with cone seat lug nuts if you have the stock wheels to ensure a snug fit. OEM Ford F150 lug nuts also have a smooth rounded shape without any decorative styling. Aftermarket options can have star, hex or other designs for appearance.

What Size Socket Are Ford F150 Lug Nuts?

To remove and install Ford F150 lug nuts, you’ll need a 21mm socket. A standard 6-point 21mm socket is preferred over 12-point sockets since they grip better and are less likely to round off lug nuts. Make sure to use a torque socket. A 13/16 inch drive socket will fit most impact wrenches and allow you to get the proper torque. It’s also a good idea to have a lug nut socket with a flexible extension. This allows you to easily reach the lug nuts at an angle.

What Torque Are Ford F150 Lug Nuts?

Proper lug nut torque ensures wheel security and prevents wheels from coming loose. Ford specifies the following lug nut torque specs by model year:

2010-2014 F150 – 140 Nm

2015-2020 F150 – 140 Nm

2021-2023 F150 – 140 Nm

Always use a calibrated torque wrench when installing lug nuts. Do not rely on tightening by hand with a socket or impact wrench, as this can lead to over or under torque. It’s also good practice to re-torque the wheels after around 100 miles of driving to ensure proper seat.

Best F150 Lug Nuts For Sale

For F150 owners looking to upgrade their lug nuts, BONOSS makes the best aftermarket F150 lug nuts. BONOSS lug nuts let you upgrade your F150’s style and security while using high-quality materials that exceed OEM equipment. They’re a great choice for both form and function. BONOSS steel F150 lug nuts. Made from specially-processed steel, BONOSS steel lug nuts offer unbeatable durability and corrosion resistance.

Their precise OEM-quality fit along with included lock washers make installation a breeze while providing peace of mind that your wheels will stay put through tough towing and hauling jobs. With sleek customizable styles to choose from, BONOSS lug nuts check all the boxes for form, function and safety. Their superior quality steel construction gives you the confidence and security that your F150 deserves.