1. Remove original wheel and studs.
  2. Replace original wheel studs with BONOSS extended studs.
  3. Put BONOSS wheel spacer on hub of car (over the new studs) Please ensure that wheel spacer is fully seated and flush with the hub.
  4. Put wheel onto the BONOSS studs and firmly seated against wheel spacer.
  5. Fasten wheel with original studs. Carefully hand turn nuts making sure that they spin in easily and fit well.
  6. Repeat above step with the studs left.
  7. Use hand wrench, snug up the studs in a star pattern.
  8. Spin the wheel and tire to check whether it cause any noise or interference or not before fully tightening studs.
  9. Use torque wrench set to wheel manufacturers’ specifications to tighten the wheel studs in a star pattern