If you own a Ford Aspire, one of the essential maintenance tasks is ensuring your lug nuts are properly tightened and in good condition. But before you can tackle that job, you need to know the right size thread and socket to use for your Aspire’s lug nuts. In this post, we’ll dive into those details and also explore why BONOSS aftermarket lug nuts are an excellent choice for your Ford Aspire.

Thread Size for Ford Aspire Lug Nuts

The lug nuts on Ford Aspires have a thread size of M12 x 1.5. This means the nuts have a major diameter of 12 millimeters and a thread pitch (the distance between consecutive threads) of 1.5 millimeters. Knowing this thread size is crucial when purchasing replacement lug nuts or checking that your existing ones are the correct specification.

Socket Size for Ford Aspire Lug Nuts

To properly loosen or tighten your Ford Aspire’s lug nuts, you’ll need a socket that matches their head size. The lug nuts on the Aspire have a 19mm hexagonal (six-sided) head, so you’ll want a 19mm socket to fit them. Using the wrong size socket can strip the lug nut heads, making it extremely difficult to remove them and potentially damaging your wheels.

What Size Thread Are Ford Aspire Lug Nuts?

Why Choose BONOSS Aftermarket Lug Nuts?

While factory lug nuts can certainly get the job done, upgrading to high-quality aftermarket lug nuts from BONOSS offers several advantages.

  1. Superior Strength and Durability. BONOSS lug nuts are forged from 50BV30 steel, which has a minimum proof load of 105,700 Newtons. This means each lug nut can withstand immense forces without deforming or breaking, ensuring your wheels stay securely fastened even under the most demanding conditions.
  2. ISO Grade 12 Certification. BONOSS lug nuts meet the stringent requirements of ISO Grade 12. This certification guarantees exceptional quality, reliability, and performance, giving you peace of mind that your lug nuts won’t let you down.
  3. Advanced Surface Treatment. To protect against corrosion and ensure long-lasting appearance, BONOSS lug nuts undergo a special surface treatment that provides a minimum salt spray resistance of 500 hours. This means your lug nuts will resist rusting, pitting, and other forms of corrosion, even in harsh environments.
  4. Included Wheel Locks. Every BONOSS lug nut set comes with four heptagonal (seven-sided) wheel locks. These wheel locks help deter theft and tampering, keeping your wheels securely attached to your Ford Aspire.
  5. Comprehensive Certifications and Warranty. BONOSS lug nuts are backed by multiple SGS and TÜV certifications, ensuring they meet the highest quality and safety standards. Additionally, BONOSS offers a worry-free 10-year warranty on their lug nuts, providing exceptional value and peace of mind.

In conclusion, Ford Aspire lug nuts have an M12 x 1.5 thread size and require a 19mm socket for installation and removal. While factory lug nuts can get the job done, upgrading to BONOSS aftermarket lug nuts offers superior strength, durability, corrosion resistance, and peace of mind. With their advanced engineering, comprehensive certifications, and exceptional warranty, BONOSS lug nuts are an excellent choice for ensuring the safety and reliability of your Ford Aspire’s wheels.