What size are Ford Falcon wheel nuts?

If you own a Ford Falcon, knowing the wheel nut size and torque specs is important for changing a tire or swapping out factory wheels. The Ford Falcon wheel nuts help secure the wheels to the vehicle’s hub assembly, so having the right size is crucial. In this article, we’ll look at the different Ford Falcon models and the wheel nut sizes and torque specs for each.

Ford Falcon Wheel nut sizes 

The wheel nut size of varies Ford Falcon generations are 1/2” – 20 UNF. While depending on which type your wheels are, you’ll need corresponsive socket to remove the lug nuts on your OEM or modified wheels.

Ford Falcon Wheel Nut Torque Specifications

In addition to the right socket size, you’ll need to torque the wheel nuts to the proper specification when re-installing wheels. This ensures the wheels are securely fastened without overtightening.

Here are the factory torque specs:

  • 65-85 ft-lbs

Always torque the nuts in a star pattern and double check with a torque wrench. Don’t rely on tightening with a standard wrench or impact gun to spec.

Why choose aftermarket wheel nuts?

While you can reuse the factory wheel nuts, many Ford Falcon owners opt for upgraded aftermarket nuts for added security and styling.

  • Stronger materials like steel
  • More robust threading and design
  • Decorative black finishes
  • Built to precise specifications and tolerances

One of the top choices for Ford Falcon wheel nut upgrades are BONOSS brand lug nuts. Here are some reasons why BONOSS lug nuts are highly recommended:

  • Manufactured from tough steel
  • Precisely machined for correct fit and depth
  • Available in black coated finishes
  • Exceed OEM standards for durability and safety
  • Offered in all common Ford bolt sizes
  • Very affordable compared to other brands

Customers report that BONOSS wheel nuts fit perfectly on their Falcon’s studs right out of the box. The nuts also have a nice heavy feel and look great against alloy or steel wheels. For the price, BONOSS nuts deliver excellent quality and security.

Knowing your Ford Falcon’s wheel nut size, torque spec and using properly fitted aftermarket nuts gives peace of mind your wheels will stay put. With the right tools and BONOSS wheel nuts, you can change a flat or swap wheels like a pro while keeping your Falcon safely on the road.