If you’re the proud owner of a Ford GT supercar, you know that every detail matters when it comes to performance and safety. One often overlooked but crucial component is the lug nuts that secure your wheels. Getting the right size lug nuts and understanding proper torque specifications is essential for keeping your GT’s wheels firmly in place at high speeds.

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Ford GT lug nut sizes, sockets, and torque specifications. We’ll also make the case for why BONOSS aftermarket forged lug nuts are the premium upgrade for your GT.

Ford GT Lug Nut Size

The lug nut size (thread size) for the Ford GT is M14x1.5. This means the nuts have an outer thread diameter of 14mm and a thread pitch of 1.5mm between the peaks.

Ford GT Lug Nut Socket Size

To properly tighten or loosen your GT’s lug nuts, you’ll need a 21mm hex socket. This socket size fits snugly over the flat sides of the lug nut to provide the necessary grip.

Ford GT Lug Nut Torque Specifications Equally important as having the right size socket is tightening the lug nuts to the proper torque specification. For the Ford GT, the factory lug nut torque is 150 Nm or 111 ft-lbs. Under-tightening can lead to unsafe wheel separation, while over-tightening can cause stud damage.

What is the Ford GT Lug Nut Size?

Why BONOSS Aftermarket Lug Nuts are Best for Your Ford GT?

While the factory lug nuts are functional, upgrading to BONOSS forged aftermarket lug nuts provides numerous benefits for the discerning GT owner.

Superior Strength and Quality. BONOSS lug nuts are forged from ultra-high strength 50BV30 steel with a proof load of over 105,700 N (23,700 lbf). This far exceeds OEM specifications, ensuring maximum strength even under extreme forces. They are certified to ISO Grade 12.9 standards.

Surface Durability. In addition to brute strength, BONOSS nuts undergo special surface treatment to achieve over 500 hours of protective coating in Neutral Salt Spray testing. This superior corrosion resistance helps the lug nuts maintain like-new appearance for years.

10-Year Warranty. While lug nuts are simple components, BONOSS stands behind their products with an incredible 10-year warranty against defects and premature failure when properly installed and maintained.

Installing a set of BONOSS forged lug nuts is an easy and relatively inexpensive upgrade that provides fortress-grade security and peace of mind for your prized Ford GT. With their combination of extreme strength, corrosion resistance, visual distinction and verified quality control, BONOSS represents the premier lug nut solution.