If you own a GMC Sierra 1500 pickup truck, knowing the proper lug nut size and torque specifications is important for changing a flat tire or swapping out wheels/tires. The lug nuts help secure the wheels to the axles, so using the right size with proper torque is critical for safety and preventing wheel damage. In this article, we’ll cover the lug nut sizes for GMC Sierra 1500 models and provide torque spec recommendations.

What size are GMC Sierra 1500 lug nuts?

The lug nut size for most GMC Sierra 1500 models from 2007 to 2023 is M14 x 1.50. This means the lug nuts have a 14mm diameter shaft with 1.50mm thread pitch.

So in summary, standard GMC Sierra 1500 trucks use M14 lug nuts, with possible variances on HD and certain package models. Always check your owner’s manual or factory wheel specs to verify.

What size socket are GMC Sierra 1500 lug nuts?

To remove or install GMC Sierra 1500 lug nuts, you’ll need a socket that fits the M14 size. Here are the lug nut socket sizes:

  • M14 – use 22mm socket

What are GMC Sierra 1500 lug nuts size?

What torque spec are GMC Sierra 1500 lug nuts?

Applying proper torque when tightening lug nuts is critical to safety and wheel integrity. Under-torqued lug nuts can vibrate loose, while over-tightening can damage the studs or wheels.

Here are the recommended GMC Sierra 1500 lug nut torque specs:

  • M14 lug nuts – 140-190 ft-lbs

Always use a calibrated torque wrench when tightening lug nuts to specification. Do not use impact tools or guess the torque.

Follow a star pattern sequence to the full torque spec. Check torque again after 50-100 miles of driving to ensure the lug nuts have not loosened.

Why BONOSS aftermarket GMC Sierra 1500 lug nuts are best?

For an affordable and durable lug nut upgrade, the BONOSS brand is highly recommended for GMC Sierra 1500 models. Here’s why BONOSS lug nuts are a great choice:

  • Precise OEM spec fit – Ensure reliable fit and safety
  • Black coating – Rust and corrosion protection even in winter weather
  • Available with cool black option – Customize your look
  • Made of forged 50BV30 high-strength steel – durable for long life
  • Affordable pricing – Great value versus dealer parts

With proper sizing, torque, and quality aftermarket lug nuts like BONOSS, you can keep your GMC Sierra 1500 wheels securely fastened for safe and dependable performance. Be sure to consult your owner’s manual and use proper tools when changing lug nuts.