If you own the 2024 Volkswagen Golf R, you may be considering installing wheel spacers to give your car a more aggressive stance. Wheel spacers push the wheels further out from the hub, effectively increasing the track width of the vehicle. This can make the Golf R look lower, wider, and more planted. However, there are some important safety considerations to keep in mind when using wheel spacers. In this article, we’ll look at whether 2024 Golf R wheel spacers are safe, what size spacers work best, and why BONOSS spacers are a top choice.

Are 2024 Golf R wheel spacers safe?

Wheel spacers can be safe if installed and used correctly on the 2024 Golf R. The key factors are:

  • Using high-quality, hub-centric spacers. Hub-centric means the spacer has the exact same bolt pattern and hub bore as the Golf R’s wheels. This ensures the wheels center properly on the hubs.
  • Properly torquing the wheel bolts to spec. The wheel bolts must be tightened to the manufacturer’s recommended torque.
  • Sticking to reputable brands. Choosing quality, name brand spacers from companies like BONOSS helps ensure structural integrity.
  • Checking lug bolt length. If the wheel bolts are too short, they won’t properly secure the wheel. In this case, longer wheel bolts are required.
  • Inspecting regularly for wear.

What size 2024 Golf R wheel spacers are best?

For the Mk8 2024 Golf R, wheel spacers between 10mm to 20mm are recommended for the optimal fitment. Here are some popular sizes:

  • 15mm – This is the most common Golf R spacer size.
  • 20mm – At 20mm, you’ll get a noticeable track width improvement while still being safe.

In general, 15mm to 20mm gives you a balanced track width increase on the Golf R with no drawbacks if done properly.

Are BONOSS Lada Wheel Spacers Good to Run?

Why BONOSS 2024 Golf R wheel spacers are best?

For 2024 Golf R owners looking for wheel spacers, the BONOSS brand stands out as a top choice. Here are some of the reasons BONOSS spacers are recommended:

  • Precise Engineering – BONOSS spacers are CNC machined from high-grade aluminum. This ensures a precise fitment with correct hub-centricity.
  • Quality Materials – Aircraft grade 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum are used for maximum strength. The anodized finish resists corrosion and wear.
  • Proper Fit – They offer exact fitments for the 2024 Golf R, with all necessary measurements. No guessing needed.
  • Thickness Options – Choices include 3mm to 50mm spacers for the Golf R depending on preferences.
  • Safety Testing – All BONOSS products are strictly tested for safety assurance.
  • Great Reviews – Happy customers praise the fit and quality of BONOSS spacers for the Golf R.
  • Manufacturer Backing – They provide a 10-year warranty.

Overall, BONOSS wheel spacers are designed specifically for the 2024 VW Golf R with the quality and testing to back them up. They’re a great way to achieve the perfect staggered fitment safely.

Installing 2024 VW Golf R wheel spacers can transform the car’s stance when done properly. Spacers in the 3-20mm range offer the best safety and performance for 2024 VW Golf R. And choosing a trusted brand like BONOSS ensures you get hub-centric, high-strength spacers that will handle the Golf R’s power. Test fit and check all hardware for peace of mind. Used correctly, Golf R wheel spacers can give you the aggressive look you want without issues.