Ultimate guide for Audi RS5 wheel spacers

 Wheel spacers are a popular aftermarket component to tune your Audi RS5. To get a wider wheelbase or flush look, you can add wheel spacers between the wheel and wheel hub, or swap to new wheels. However, I’m convinced that it is worth bucks to mount wheel spacers instead of swapping costly wheels.

How can you get satisfying Audi RS5 wheel spacers?

The first vital thing is quality. Check out the specs of the wheel spacers that you gonna procure, not all aftermarket spacers meet the requirement. Some poorly made wheel spacers are prone to crack, which is dangerous! Pick up 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 forged aluminum alloy. Make sure they are not cast spacers, which are uneven and not tough and endurable. Also check the paired extended wheel studs. They should be ISO verified grade 12.9. Extended wheel studs are easier to bend, grade 12.9 is more stable than 10.9.

Ensure fitment. You ought to obtain wheel spacers to fit your car model. You ought to attain hub-centric. You ought to check the fender clearance and other components’ clearance to avoid rubbing. Audi RS5 has a 5×112 bolt pattern and 66.5 center bore, you can reconfirm these in your vehicle manual. Do not get non-hub-centric wheel spacers. They are unbalanced on the hub, leaving gaps around the hub center that lead to vibration and wobble. Rubbing is a common issue when you modify wheels. You need to square out the caliper and fender before you mount wheel spacers and recheck whether they rub against after mounting.

Thickness select. It is tricky and personal to opt for the thickness of wheel spacers. Not only one option is available. A typical combination is 12 front / 15 rear. If you want a more aggressive appearance, you can pick 15/20. Search the regulation about vehicle wheels in your region. It is illegal to protrude wheels out of the fender in some regions. If you add so fat wheel spacers to the wheels, it is advisable to do a wheel alignment, otherwise your wheels may wear out.

Safe torque. Never ignore the significance of proper torque. You ought to torque the bolts with the merchant’s instructions. Or you can obey the following reference. As OE Audi RS5 is M14×1.5 bolt thread. Don’t forget to re-torque the wheel nuts.

  • M12: 110 – 130NM, Reference 113NM (83.3 Ft-tb). Steel wheels and aluminum wheels are the same.
  • M14: 180 – 201NM, Reference 140NM (103.5 Ft-tb) for aluminum wheels.

Ultimate guide for Audi RS5 wheel spacers

Where to buy Audi RS5 wheel spacers?

If you are looking for a place to buy quality Audi RS5 wheel spacers, you might want to consider BONOSS. It is one of the most trustworthy and distinctive brands in the market. Click here to find out more. BONOSS Audi RS5 spacers are not only as high-quality as other reputable brands, but they also have some unique features that are patented worldwide.

Superior material and craftsmanship. BONOSS Audi RS5 wheel spacers are made of 7075-t6 aluminum alloy, which is the best aluminum alloy for spacers. It has the same strength as steel, but much lighter and resistant to rust. All these spacers have a black anodized coating, which forms an oxide layer on the surface of aluminum. This layer enhances the durability, corrosion resistance and weather resistance of the spacers.

Lightweight hollow designs. Normally lighter wheel spacers lead less extra effect on the vehicle. The hollowed aluminum alloy  Audi RS5 wheel spacers cause slight change to your stock vehicle and maintain the taste and style. This designis barely for slip-on wheel spacers whose size range from 5-15mm. If you want more aggressive look, bolt-on wheel adapters are a go-for.

Easy to remove. If you live in a place where there is snow or salt, spacers can get stuck due to the mixture of moisture, minerals and salt. The removal grooves at the edge of BONOSS Audi RS5 wheel spacers solve this problem. You can use a screwdriver to take off the spacers easily.