If you own a Land Rover Discovery 3, Range Rover Sport, or Range Rover Full Size L322, you may have heard of wheel spacers. These are devices that go between the wheel and the hub of your vehicle, creating more distance between them. They can change the way your vehicle looks, drives, and handles by widening its stance and allowing you to fit bigger tires. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about discovery 3 wheel spacers.

The ultimate guide of Discovery 3 wheel spacers

How to pick the right size of discovery 3 wheel spacers for your vehicle

The size of the wheel spacers you need depends on several things, such as the width and offset of your wheels, the size and profile of your tires, the space between your fenders and suspension parts, and your personal taste. Generally, you want to pick a size that makes your wheels fit snugly under the wheel arches without causing any rubbing or contact problems.

One way to measure the size of the wheel spacers you need is to use a straight edge and a ruler. Put the straight edge against the outer edge of the tire and measure how far it is from the straight edge to the inner lip of the fender. This is the maximum spacer thickness you can use without changing the fender. You can also use online calculators or ask professionals to help you find the best spacer size for your vehicle. Discovery 3 wheel spacers 30mm is a good option.

Another thing to think about when picking the size of the wheel spacers is the bolt pattern and center bore of your vehicle. The bolt pattern is how many and how arranged are the studs or bolts that hold the wheel to the hub. The center bore is how big is the hole in the middle of the wheel that goes over the hub. You need to make sure that the wheel spacers match these numbers, otherwise they will not fit right or safely.

The benefits and drawbacks of discovery 3 wheel spacers

Good points

Wheel spacers can make your vehicle look better by giving it a more aggressive and sporty style. They can also help you get a flush fitment between the wheels and the fenders, getting rid of any gaps or unevenness.

Wheel spacers can make your vehicle drive better by increasing its stability and cornering ability. By making the track wider, they lower body roll and increase grip, especially on rough terrain. They can also let you fit bigger tires that offer more comfort and traction.

Wheel spacers can give you more room for brake calipers, suspension parts, and aftermarket accessories. By pushing the wheels outward, they make more space between them and other parts that might otherwise touch or damage each other.

The ultimate guide of Discovery 3 wheel spacers

The legal and safety issues of discovery 3 wheel spacers

Wheel spacers are allowed in most countries as long as they follow certain rules and standards. However, different places may have different laws about their use, so you should always check with your local authorities before putting them on your vehicle.

Some of the common rules for using wheel spacers are:

  • The wheel spacers must be made of high-quality materials that can handle high temperatures, pressures, and loads.
  • The wheel spacers must be firmly attached to the hub using suitable hardware that is tightened to specification.
  • The wheel spacers must not be too thick or wide that they compromise the safety or stability of the vehicle.
  • The wheel spacers must not cause any rubbing or contact with any part of the vehicle or its systems.
  • The wheel spacers must not change or hide any identification marks or labels on the wheels or tires.

Wheel spacers are safe to use if they are put on correctly and checked regularly. However, there are some risks and precautions that you should be aware of before using them. Here are some of them:

  • You should check the state and tightness of your wheel spacers and hardware every time you change or rotate your tires, or at least every 10,000 km. You can also use an anti-seize compound or lubricant on the studs or bolts to prevent rust or seizing.

What type of Discovery 3 wheel spacers you should pick up?

Choose wheel spacers that are hub-centric, quality, and fitment. But why? Can I use spacers that are not hub-centric? Quality brand wheel spacers are too expensive to buy, can I settle for cheaper wheel spacers? Which kind of wheel spacers are fitment?

Hub-centric & lug-centric: Hub-centric wheel spacers attach spacers to the lugs and hub bore while lug-centric wheel spacers only attach to lugs. Lug-centric wheel spacers are unbalanced. The spaces in the hub bore will cause shaking and wobbling. You’d better choose staged hub-centric spacers if possible.

Which price range wheel spacers can I get? A pair of slip-on wheel spacers you can use safely should be over 50$, and bolt-on wheel spacers are over 100$. The price increases with the thickness of spacers because thicker spacers use more materials. A recommend reputable wheel spacers brand is BONOSS. Their wheel spacers’ prices are reasonable and quality.

Active cooling wheel spacers. BONOSS Discovery 3 wheel spacers are active cooling spacers. The active cooling technique is a unique patent invented by BONOSS engineers. This technique is the cooling grooves on the surface of the wheel spacers. They are aerodynamically designed to cool the brake and wheel.

You can opt for other brand quality wheel spacers, but BONOS Discovery 3 wheel spacers are the only ones with fair prices, high quality, fitment, and special functions for your SUV. They are multi-staged, hub-centric, anodized forged wheel spacers made from 7075-T6 and 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. For different car models, BONOSS offers corresponding patterns and thicknesses to fit the car and gives you professional advice on selecting and installing.