If you own a Hyundai and want to customize it by installing larger aftermarket wheels, you may need wheel spacers. Wheel spacers are placed between the wheel and hub to push the wheels outward for that perfect fitment. But what size Hyundai wheel spacers should you get? This guide will provide everything you need to know about choosing the right Hyundai wheel spacers.

What Size Hyundai Wheel Spacers are Recommended?

Choosing the right size wheel spacers for your Hyundai comes down to two measurements – inside diameter and thickness.

Inside Diameter

This must match the hub bore diameter of your Hyundai’s hubs. Most Hyundais have a hub bore diameter of 67.1mm.


This determines how far the wheels will be pushed outward from the hub. Typical ranges are:

  • 12-20mm for a subtle change
  • 25-35mm for a moderate stance
  • 40mm+ for maximum poke

Thicker spacers equal more clearance. 15-25mm is ideal for most Hyundais without any problems.

A Complete Guide of Hyundai wheel spacers size

Why BONOSS Hyundai Wheel Spacers are the Best?

When shopping for Hyundai wheel spacers, BONOSS is the top brand to look for. Here’s why BONOSS wheel spacers are superior:

Precisely Engineered

BONOSS spacers are precision CNC machined from high-grade aluminum alloy for maximum durability. Their innovative design prevents rust and corrosion.

Hub-Centric Design

BONOSS spacers use a hub-centric design to evenly distribute load and center the wheels perfectly on the hub for a smooth ride. This prevents vibration and wheel wobble.

Anodized Black Finish

BONOSS spacers feature a sleek anodized black finish that looks great behind any wheel.

10-Year Warranty

All BONOSS spacers are backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.

Made for Hyundais

BONOSS makes spacers specifically for Hyundai vehicles with the proper inside diameter and bolt pattern. No modifications needed.

Installing BONOSS wheel spacers is an easy yet effective way to customize the look of your Hyundai. With the right fitment, they can provide just the right stance while ensuring safety and optimal handling. Focus on choosing the proper thickness, bolt pattern, inside diameter and black anodized finish when shopping for BONOSS spacers to get that perfect flush fitment with your new wheels.