If you own a Honda BR-V or are looking to purchase a set of aftermarket wheels and tires for your BR-V, one of the most important specifications to know is the lug nut size. Lug nuts are what securely fasten the wheels to the vehicle’s hubs, so having the proper size is crucial for safety as well as ease of installation and removal.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the lug nut size for the Honda BR-V, including the socket size required to loosen and tighten them, the proper torque specifications, and why BONOSS aftermarket lug nuts are an excellent choice for your BR-V.

Honda BR-V Lug Nut Size

The stock lug nuts on the Honda BR-V have a thread size of M12 x 1.5. This means the lug nuts have a 12mm diameter thread with a 1.5mm thread pitch (distance between threads). The M12 x 1.5 size is very common among Honda and other Japanese vehicle models.

Honda BR-V Lug Nut Socket Size

To loosen and tighten the lug nuts on your BR-V, you’ll need a socket that perfectly fits over the lug nut. For the M12 x 1.5 lug nuts, the matching socket size is 19mm. Using an incorrect socket size can potentially rounded the lug nuts, making them extremely difficult to remove in the future.

Honda BR-V Lug Nut Torque Specifications

In addition to using the proper socket size, it’s crucial to tighten the lug nuts on your BR-V to the manufacturer’s recommended torque specification. Over-tightening can cause stud breakage, while under-tightening can lead to dangerous wheel separation.

For the Honda BR-V, the lug nut torque specification is 103 N·m (76 lb-ft). This means the lug nuts should be tightened to 103 Newton-meters of rotational force, or the equivalent of 76 pound-feet of torque. Always use a properly calibrated torque wrench when tightening lug nuts to ensure they are secured to spec.

What Size are the Lug Nuts on a Honda BR-V?

Why Choose BONOSS Aftermarket Lug Nuts?

While the factory lug nuts installed on your BR-V are perfectly adequate, you may want to consider upgrading to aftermarket BONOSS lug nuts if you plan on changing wheels frequently or simply want improved aesthetics and functionality.

BONOSS lug nuts are made from high-strength forged 50BV30 steel that has been forged for superior durability and resistance. The precision machining ensures a perfect fit with the M12 x 1.5 threads and 19mm socket size of the BR-V’s lugs.

For the utmost in functionality and security, some BONOSS lug nuts even incorporate lock nuts that require a special coded socket to remove. This gives you peace of mind when leaving your prized BR-V parked.

No matter which BONOSS lugs you choose, you can rest assured that they meet or exceed all OEM specifications for strength, fit, and materials while offering enhanced style and security over basic stock lug nuts.

To summarize, when replacing lug nuts or wheels on your Honda BR-V, be sure to use:

  • Lug nuts with M12 x 1.5 thread size to match the hubs
  • 19mm socket to perfectly fit the lug nuts
  • Tighten to 103 N·m (76 lb-ft) of torque using a calibrated torque wrench
  • Consider upgrading to BONOSS aftermarket lug nuts for strength, style, and security

By following these guidelines, you can swap out wheels and tires on your BR-V safely and with confidence. Proper lug nut fitment and torque is essential for keeping your vehicle’s wheels securely attached at all times.