If you own a Honda Capa, one of the most important maintenance items is ensuring your Honda Capa lug nuts are properly tightened to the correct torque specification. Using the wrong size lug nut or overtightening can lead to dangerous situations like wheel separation while driving. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the size, socket size, and torque specs for Honda Capa lug nuts. We’ll also explain why BONOSS aftermarket lug nuts are the best choice for your vehicle.

Lug Nut Size for Honda Capa

The lug nut size for all Honda Capa models is 12×1.5. This sizing uses the metric system and means the lug nuts have a 12mm diameter threaded hole with 1.5 thread pitch (the distance between each thread). It’s crucial to use the correct 12×1.5 lug nuts, as other sizes will not properly secure the wheels and could allow them to come loose while driving.

Socket Size for Honda Capa Lug Nuts

To properly loosen or tighten your Capa’s lug nuts, you’ll need a 19mm socket. The 19mm socket size perfectly fits over the 12×1.5 lug nuts used on the Capa. Using a socket that is too small can strip the lug nut, while one too large will not properly engage the lug nut. A 19mm six-point socket is recommended, as it reduces the risk of rounding off the lug nuts.

Torque Specifications for Honda Capa

Lug Nuts Ensuring your lug nuts are tightened to the proper torque specification is vital for safe driving. For the Honda Capa, lug nuts should be tightened to 80 ft-lbs (108 Nm) of torque. Overtightening beyond 80 ft-lbs can damage the wheel studs, while undertightening can allow the wheels to come loose over time.

The proper technique is to tighten in a crisscross star pattern, working your way around all the lugs until they meet the 80 ft-lb torque. Use a torque wrench rather than trying to judge proper tightness by feel. Recheck the torque after driving 50-100 miles.

What is the Size of Honda Capa Lug Nuts?

Why BONOSS Lug Nuts are the Best for Your Capa?

While the factory Honda lug nuts work just fine, many Capa owners choose to upgrade to aftermarket BONOSS lug nuts. BONOSS is a leading manufacturer of high-quality lug nuts and offers several advantages over OEM nuts:

Better Corrosion Resistance – BONOSS lug nuts are made from premium steel to resist rust and corrosion, even in harsh driving environments.

Customizable Appearance – BONOSS offers hundreds of eye-catching colors and finishes to customize the look of your Capa’s wheels at an affordable price. Common colors include black, blue, red options.

Proper lug nut size, socket size, and torque are essential for safe driving in your Honda Capa. Always use 12×1.5 lug nuts with a 19mm socket, tightened to 80 ft-lbs. And for the ultimate in corrosion resistance, strength, and customization, upgrade to BONOSS aftermarket lug nuts designed specifically for your Capa. A small investment in quality lug nuts provides big returns in wheel security, appearance, and peace of mind.