If you own a Honda Envix, one of the most important maintenance items is keeping the lug nuts properly tightened to the correct torque specification. Using the wrong size lug nut or socket, or improperly tightening the lug nuts, can lead to serious safety issues down the road. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the lug nut size, socket size, and torque specs for the Honda Envix, as well as recommend some high-quality aftermarket options.

OEM Honda Envix Lug Nut Size

The lug nuts that come stock on the Honda Envix from the factory are M12 x 1.5 size. This sizing uses the metric system, with the M12 referring to the 12mm diameter of the lug nut shaft, and the 1.5 indicating the 1.5mm thread pitch.

Socket Size for Honda Envix Lug Nuts

To properly loosen or tighten the lug nuts on your Envix, you’ll need a 19mm socket. Using a slightly smaller or larger socket size can potentially strip the lug nuts or studs. Always double check that you have the proper 19mm socket before working on your lug nuts.

Torque Specification for Honda Envix Lug Nuts

Honda specifies a torque value of 80 ft-lbs (108 N-m) for properly tightening the lug nuts on the Envix model. This means you’ll need a torque wrench to tighten them properly. Under-tightening can allow the wheels to come loose over time, while over-tightening can cause stud damage.

The Importance of Using OEM Spec Lug Nuts While it may be tempting to use lower-cost aftermarket lug nuts, Honda engineers the OEM lug nuts to precise specifications for strength, fitment, and safety. Using improper lug nuts can potentially lead to dangerous wheel separation at speed. Always replace missing or damaged lug nuts with genuine Honda OEM replacements.

What Size Are the Lug Nuts on a Honda Envix?

Benefits of BONOSS Aftermarket Lug Nuts

If you are looking for high-quality aftermarket lug nuts for your Honda Envix that meet or exceed OEM specifications, BONOSS is an excellent choice. Their Envix-specific forged Titanium lug nuts are treated for maximum strength.

More importantly, they are engineered to precisely match the M12 x 1.5 thread size, ensuring a perfect fit.

Each BONOSS lug nut kit includes 20 lug nuts (for a full vehicle set). BONOSS also goes the extra mile with detailed installation instructions and online video tutorials to walk you through the process step-by-step.

Steps for Properly Changing/Rotating Tires Whether you’re simply rotating your tires or changing a flat, here are the proper steps for dealing with lug nuts on your Honda Envix:

  1. Park on a level surface and engage parking brake
  2. Loosen all lug nuts while wheel is still on the ground (Don’t remove yet)
  3. Raise vehicle safely with a jack or lift
  4. Remove all lug nuts and store in a safe location
  5. Remove tire/wheel
  6. Install new/rotated tire and hand tighten lug nuts
  7. Lower vehicle until tire touches ground
  8. Use torque wrench to tighten lug nuts to 80 ft-lbs in a star/criss-cross pattern
  9. Double check all lug nuts are properly tightened

Be sure to check lug nut tightness periodically as part of your maintenance routine. Properly installed and maintained lug nuts are essential for safe Honda Envix operation.

Whether you stick with genuine Honda Envix lug nuts or upgrade to high-performance BONOSS aftermarket replacements, using the proper size socket and torque specification is crucial. Take care of your lug nuts, and they’ll take care of keeping your wheels securely attached!