If you have a Honda vehicle, it’s important to know the right lug nut size, material, and torque specifications for safe wheel installations and tire changes. Using the wrong lug nuts on your Honda can cause wheel movement, stripped threads, or dangerous wheel detachment while driving.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Honda lug nuts. Knowing these key details will help you get the right Honda lug nuts and tighten them properly during DIY repairs or tire rotations.

What Size Honda Lug Nuts Do I Need?

The lug nut size used on most Honda models is 12×1.5. This means the lug nuts have a diameter of 12mm and a thread pitch of 1.5mm. Some larger Honda trucks and SUVs may use 14×1.5 lug nuts instead. And a few older Honda models use the less common 12×1.25 size. Overall, 12×1.5 is by far the most common Honda lug nut size. But always verify before buying new lug nuts or sockets.

Model Year Lug Nut Size Thread/ Socket Size Torque Spec
Fit 2007-2020 M12 x 1.5 19 mm 80 lbf-ft / 108 N-m
Accord 2003-2020 M12 x 1.5 19 mm 80 lbf-ft / 108 N-m
Civic 2006-2020 M12 x 1.5 19 mm 80 lbf-ft / 108 N-m
CR-V 1997-2020 M12 x 1.5 19 mm 80 lbf-ft / 108 N-m
Pilot 2003-2020 M14 x 1.5 21 mm 94 lbf-ft / 128 N-m
Odyssey 2003-2020 M14 x 1.5 21 mm 94 lbf-ft / 128 N-m
Ridgeline 2006-2020 M14 x 1.5 21 mm 94 lbf-ft / 128 N-m

What Size Socket and Torque for Honda Lug Nuts?

The correct socket size corresponds to the diameter of your Honda’s lug nuts. So for the popular 12×1.5 lug nuts, you’ll need a 19mm socket.

Here are the common Honda lug nut socket sizes: M12x1.5 lug nuts = 19mm socket M14x1.5 lug nuts = 22mm socket M12x1.25 lug nuts = 16mm socket

For torque, Honda specifies tightening lug nuts according to wheel material and lug nuts diameter.  M12: 110 – 130NM, Reference 113NM (83.3 Ft-tb). Steel wheels and aluminum wheels are the same. M14: 180 – 201NM, Reference 181NM (133.5 Ft-tb) for steel wheels and 140NM (103.5 Ft-tb) for aluminum wheels. Always use a calibrated torque wrench to achieve proper tightness. Under-torqued lug nuts can vibrate loose. Over-tightened lug nuts can stretch or break the studs. Following the recommended torque range ensures a safe and secure fit.

Are Honda Lug Nuts Metric or SAE?

You’ll notice the Honda lug nut sizes mentioned are in metric measurements (mm for diameter, metric thread pitch). That’s because all Honda vehicles use metric lug nuts, not the imperial/SAE sizes found on many American and European cars. So metric sockets, torque wrenches and lug nuts are required for DIY wheel work on Hondas.

Honda Lug Nuts Size and Material: A Complete Guide

What Material Are Honda Lug Nuts?

OEM Honda lug nuts are made from heat-treated steel for durability and high clamping force.

Aftermarket lug nuts use various materials, including:

Chrome-plated steel – Resists corrosion but prone to cracking with over-torquing. Alloy steel – Strong like OEM nuts but doesn’t resist rusting. Aluminum – Lightweight but weaker. Titanium – Ultimate strength but expensive. Stick with standard uncoated steel Honda lug nuts for the best blend of strength, durability and affordability. Add anti-seize lubricant to maintain proper torque. Avoid chrome nut caps that can hide loosening or damage over time.

What Type of Honda Lug Nuts Do I Need?

You need genuine brand Honda lug nuts. BONOSS Honda lug nuts are forged from high-strength 50BV30 steel, which is ISO Grade 12 approved and has a minimum proof load of 105,700N. That means they are stronger, more durable and more resistant to corrosion and oxidation than standard lug nuts. They also have one special heptagon shape nuts that makes them hard to remove without a special key, providing great anti-theft protection for your wheels.

BONOSS Honda lug nuts are compatible with most Honda models, such as Accord, Civic, S2000, Odyssey, CR-V, Fit, Jazz and more. They come in different thread sizes, such as M12x1.5, M12x1.25 and M14x1.5, and different hex socket options, such as 19mm and 21mm. You can choose the best fit for your aftermarket wheels and enjoy a better style.

BONOSS Honda lug nuts are also easy to install and remove. They have a special surface treatment that gives them excellent scratch resistance and a sleek appearance. They are also certified by SGS TÜV reports, which guarantee their quality and reliability.