If you own a Honda Passport, you may have considered installing wheel spacers to give your SUV a more aggressive stance and wider track. Wheel spacers are affordable accessories that fit between the wheel hub and rim, pushing the wheels outward to create a wider footprint. But are Honda Passport wheel spacers actually a good idea? Let’s explore the pros, cons, and what size spacers are recommended.

The Benefits of Honda Passport Wheel Spacers

Improved Handling and Stability: By increasing the track width, wheel spacers can enhance your Passport’s handling characteristics. The wider stance reduces body roll during cornering and provides better lateral grip on the road.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Let’s be honest—wheel spacers just look cool. They give your Passport a beefier, more muscular appearance by pushing the wheels out toward the fender lips. This updated look can significantly improve your SUV’s curb appeal.

Tire Clearance: Installing wheel spacers allows you to fit wider tires on your stock wheels without rubbing against the fenders or suspension components. Wider tires can improve traction and create a more planted feel on the road.

The Risks of Using Wheel Spacers

You’ll need to be cautious about not exceeding recommended spacer sizes to avoid rubbing.

What Size Honda Passport Wheel Spacers Are Safest?

When it comes to wheel spacer size for your Honda Passport, moderation is key. Most experts recommend sticking to spacers of 25mm (around 1 inch) to minimize potential issues.

Here are some general sizing guidelines for Honda Passport wheel spacers:

15-20mm (0.6-0.8 inches): Generally considered a safe range that provides a mild stance upgrade without compromising safety or handling.

25mm (1 inch): The recommended size for most Passport models.

It’s crucial to remember that wheel spacer fitment can vary based on your specific Passport model year, trim level, and wheel/tire configuration. Always consult with a knowledgeable professional or refer to manufacturer guidelines before installing spacers.

Are Honda Passport Wheel Spacers Good to Run?

Are Honda Passport Wheel Spacers Good to Run?

The short answer is: Yes, Honda Passport wheel spacers can be good to run, but only if you choose the right size and have them installed correctly.

When properly sized and aligned, wheel spacers can provide tangible benefits like improved handling, better aesthetics, and increased tire clearance for your Passport.

Why BONOSS Honda Passport Wheel Spacers Are Best?

If you’ve decided to invest in wheel spacers for your Honda Passport, BONOSS is a brand that consistently delivers outstanding quality and fitment. Here’s why BONOSS spacers are an excellent choice:

Precision Machining: BONOSS spacers are precisely machined from high-strength aluminum alloy using advanced CNC technology. This ensures a perfect fit and optimal load distribution.

Hubcentric Design: Unlike universal spacers, BONOSS spacers feature a hubcentric design that matches your Passport’s hub bore for a safe, concentric fit.

Comprehensive Kits: Each BONOSS kit includes sturdy studs, lug nuts, and all necessary hardware for a complete, worry-free installation.

Corrosion Resistance: To withstand the elements, BONOSS spacers are anodized for superior corrosion resistance and lasting good looks.

Proven Track Record: With a long history of satisfied customers, BONOSS has established itself as a trusted name in the wheel spacer industry.

While cheaper, generic spacers may be tempting, investing in high-quality BONOSS spacers can provide peace of mind and help ensure your Honda Passport remains safe and handling properly.

In conclusion, when sized and installed correctly, Honda Passport wheel spacers can be an excellent modification for enhancing your SUV’s stance, handling, and overall appearance. Just be sure to stick within recommended spacer sizes, have them professionally installed and aligned, and consider a reputable brand like BONOSS for the best results. With the right approach, wheel spacers can be an awesome upgrade for your Passport.

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