When modifying your Tesla Model Y with aftermarket wheels and tires, wheel spacers may be necessary to achieve proper fitment. However, there is much debate around how wide of a spacer is safe to use. In this post, we’ll breakdown what size Tesla Model Y wheel spacers provide an optimal balance of fitment and safety.

What Size Tesla Model Y Wheel Spacers Are Best?

Most experts agree that a 15-25mm spacer is the ideal size for the Tesla Model Y when installing aftermarket wheels. This spacer width allows sufficient clearance for brake calipers and suspension components while minimizing impacts on handling, wheel bearings, and your warranty.

On the other hand, too thin of a spacer does not provide proper clearance, risking rubbing and further fitment issues. So around 15-25mm gives moderate spacing for fitting larger brakes and wheels, while keeping a relatively OE stance and steering.

How Big Tesla Model Y Wheel Spacers Are Safe?

Why BONOSS Tesla Model Y Wheel Spacers Are Best?

When shopping for Tesla Model Y wheel spacers, not all brands are created equal. BONOSS stands out with its high-grade forged aluminum construction that meets strict tolerances right in the 15-25mm sweet spot.

Here’s why BONOSS makes the ideal Tesla Model Y wheel spacers:

  • Precisely Engineered Fit – Using original factory hubs as reference, BONOSS spacers are CNC machined for perfect hub-centric fit. No vibrations, movement, or runout.
  • Active Cooling Technique – Active cooling grooves on the wheel spacers can effectively reduce thermal decay.
  • Robust Materials – Aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminum provides superior tensile strength while remaining lightweight. Durable black anodized coating prevents corrosion.
  • Complete Hardware – Wheel studs are included for proper stretched installation without coming loose. No extra parts needed.

By combining safety-focused design with precision manufacturing, BONOSS creates the most reliable Tesla Model Y wheel spacers on the market. They check all the boxes for proper fitment, durability, and driving performance. Simply bolt them on for immediately improved stance and clearance with total peace of mind. Compared to no-name alternatives, BONOSS is the smart choice.