If you’re going to upgrade your 2021 Mercedes-Benz W167 with high-performance wheel spacers, correct installation is the last but not the least step to promise your safety. High-performance materials and professional measurement are definitely, but the wrong installation is always the straight reason for failure. So let’s have a specific introduction about the installation of 2021 W167 GLE 450 wheel spacers.

Disassembly Steps of W167 Wheel Spacers

These steps mainly aim at the safety of your moderation. Don’t underestimate these works before fitting the W167 wheel spacers on the axle of your GLE 450.

Park Your W167 Properly. Make sure to park your W167 on level ground, avoiding the tilt risk during any step of installing. And recheck whether fire off the engine.

Carefully Loosen Wheel Bolts. Because Mercedes-Benz’s wheels are fastened with wheel bolts, there’s an inevitable fact that you have to hold the heavy wheels very hard as all the wheel bolts are taken off, especially for the giant 275/55 R19 tires and 8.5J×19’’ wheels on 2021 W167. To protect you from injury, you could insert an extension rod to fix the wheels after taking off one bolt.


Installing Steps of W167 Wheel Spacers

Clean the Rust. As your GLE 450’s total range increases, the monitoring plate will rust because of the mud, rainwater or gravel. Spay some rust lubrication the clean them up, and wipe up the dirt with a towel.

Put the W167 Spacers on. Align the center holes of spacers and axle hub, and screw the matching W167 wheel bolts in moderate torque. As long as you opt for high-precision spacers, vibration, rubbing and abnormal noise caused by size-discord will not occur. What’s worth mentioning are twisting wheel bolts diagonally and using a torque wrench to tighten them in specified torque. When you hear a “Click”, they’ll be fine.

Assembly Steps of W167 Wheel Spacers

Just as the disassembly steps at first, when moving the wheels back, use an extension rod to hang on the wheels. It’s dangerous to rely entirely on your body to support the wheels. Then use your stock W167 wheel bolts to bolt on the wheels. Diagonal screwing and specified torque are necessary. For example, the thread type of 2021 MB W167 GLE 450 is 15×1.25, so the corresponding torque is about 150Nm. However, the actual situation will be slightly different. Continue until the “Click” appears. Of course, if you feel some strange noise or hinder, stop it and ask for professional help.

Recheck Steps of W167 Wheel Spacers

The recheck steps are easy to be ignored by many customers. After bolting the wheels back, you must launch your W167 to check the rounding pose of the wheels. If there is any abnormal sporting line or strange noise, take off the wheels and wheel bolts instantly and repeat the above steps. Assumed you‘re unable to judge them, drive your W167 to a formal accessories store or modification store to seek help.

Nevertheless, all these steps are based on high-quality wheel spacers. Higher-performance materials and higher-precision customization mean higher safety. Don’t try to save money on vital wheel accessories. If you still have no idea which brand is better, you might as well take a look at our forged aluminum wheel spacers. Our professional measurement and production, core patented technology, and endorsement by professional institutions are your source of trust.