The safety of wheel spacers is the most controversial topic in the area of car modification. People who like them are the enthusiasts of them, while those who opposed it also showed a firm attitude. In fact, the safety of wheel spacers can be improved and promised through some methods. If you’re worried about the safety of wheel spacers, this article might help you.

Misunderstanding about the Safety of Wheel Spacers  

Many misunderstanding about wheel spacers comes from the rough understanding of their appearance. Many people think their wheels are just connected with a piece of wheel spacer which is severely dangerous. However, hub-centric wheel spacers are designed with a center bore with enough steps to transfer the stress of heavy wheel and high-speed wheel movement. There is another type of wheel spacer – Lug-centric spacers, and this type is definitely dangerous to your safety because all the load goes to the studs or bolts.

Another common misunderstanding of wheel spacers is they are fragile to break while driving to cause fatal accidents. But how can you explain that lots of racing cars will opt to install them while the risk of racing is the highest? The only reason is – you buy the low-quality wheel spacers. This worry about wheel spacers’ safety can be solved by careful check of materials, production process, company certificates, and so on.


How to Improve the Safety of Wheel Spacers?

  • Choose hub-centric spacers. Hub-centric wheel spacers mean the spacers are customized with high precision to adapt to your stock setup as possible, avoiding potential rubbing or vibration problems. What’s essential, as we mentioned above, the strong stress will go to the axle hub, which is consistent with the car design principle.
  • Choose professional companies. For many vehicle owners especially mod enthusiasts, off-road fans, and racers, modifications are normal choices. The data and component relationship will change largely after modifications. At that time, you need professionals to help you measure the type and thickness of wheel spacers and match wheel nuts/wheel bolts. Find a trusty wheel spacers manufacturer to do this. Review their previous real cases and relative certificates can help you to judge.
  • Recheck vehicles frequently. Even though for a completely original setup, regular check and maintenance for your vehicle are necessary. If you’re able to install wheel spacers by yourself, don’t forget to recheck the state of motion of the wheels. If anything strange, reinstall the wheel spacers. Besides, before and after you have a long journey, you’d better check if wheel spacers and studs/bolts have cracks, rust, or deform.

May you’re more familiar with wheel spacers’ working principles, types, structure, and methods to enhance safety. Of course, all of these are based on high-quality products. Don’t deny the wheel spacer itself completely because of some inferior products. You can have a look at BONOSS high-performance forged active cooling wheel spacers. There will also be many Black Friday sales soon!