As an enthusiast of Mercedes-Benz, many customers prefer to choose OEM aftermarket accessories like wheel spacers that are more suitable for the factory setup of Mercedes. For carmakers, OEM W167 wheel spacers can largely save budget and time on matching accessories and allocate energy to more core business. W167 wheel spacers tend to be a popular mod to gain an aggressive look and enhanced performance among GLE owners. If you’re a company or a dealer that is looking for ideal W167 OEM wheel spacers companies, don’t miss this article.

How to Shorten the Production of OEM W167 Wheel Spacers?

To shorten the total production cycle of 2021 W167 wheel spacers, the process must be streamlined. That is to say, you’d better cooperate directly with a wheel spacers company having its own factory to produce W167 wheel spacers and the matching wheel bolts. Not only can these OEM companies quickly produce end products but also are materials and equipment more transparent. Moreover, entrusting Mercedes W167 wheel spacers to the OEM company with a self-owned factory helps minimize risks and communication costs.


How to Promise the Safety of OEM W167 Wheel Spacers?

What must be emphasized is, if you’re looking for OEM accessories service for the high-end SUV market like Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class, don’t have the unrealistic illustration that the price of W167 wheel spacers could be cut down indefinitely. High-performance material like aerospace aluminum 6061-T6/7075-T6 has its intrinsic value, with the reciprocation of high toughness, yield strength, fatigue strength, and corrosion resistance.

Besides advanced materials, the production process and the core technology also determine the end products essentially. The forging process use one-piece molding tech to generate more purity, more stable, and more flawless OEM W167 wheel spacers. A patented tech “Active Cooling” belonging to BONOSS is creative core competitiveness to take away more heat generated during moderation. The above essentials can definitely ensure the safety of W167 OEM wheel spacers.

How to Make OEM W167 Wheel Spacers Attractive?

To attract your Mercedes-Benz W167 or other models owners, besides higher adaptability to the original configuration, the OEM wheel spacers should also have some highlights to catch your customers’ eyes. Compared with the ordinary steel alloy, aluminum alloy with the black hard anodized finish looks more advanced and shiny from appearance. The matching wheel bolts of the 2021 Mercedes-Benz W167 GLE 450 can also be designed in diverse shapes and colors. The unique appearance can make your spacers distinguished from others’.


All mentioned above can be available in BONOSS W167 wheel spacers OEM service. High-quality OEM wheel spacers are worthy of high-end SUV W167 GLE. BONOSS’s professional competence has been proved by international institutions SGS and TUV. All the reports can be found on our website. If you have the intention of cooperation, welcome to consult. If you’d like to view the products in advance, please click here. Don’t miss our BLACK FRIDAY coupons!