How Wheel Spacers Work?

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Wheel spacers have now become one of the most common wheel upgrading accessories to a vehicle. They are designed to add more backspace to fill the arches.

Fit Wider Tires

Using wheel spacers allows you to safely fit wider tires on your existing wheels or upgrade to bigger wheels without rubbing against the frame, axle, or other suspension components. This, of course, improves traction and handling even more.

Fit Bigger Brakes

Performance brake kit is often bigger than the stock one. If you would like to upgrade to larger brakes, wheel spacers will make the required room for a larger caliper that wouldn’t fit in the factory wheel space. This will provide a significant driving experience increase.

Complete Wide-body Look

Typically, widebody builds include new offset wheels and tires, because keeping the current wheels would make your car look like there’s a huge hole in the fender. Hence, if you have added a wide-body kit, wheel spacers will be your most effective solution.

How BONOSS Wheel Spacers Work Complete Wide-body Look Wheel Spacers Before
How BONOSS Wheel Spacers Work Complete Wide-body Look Wheel Spacers After

More options of wheels and tires

Wheel adapters (conversion spacers) allow you to install aftermarket rims with different bolt patterns and hub diameters on the vehicle properly. By adding wheel adapters, you can build your own PCD conversion specification, such as 4 lug to 5 lug adapters.