Under normal circumstances, most customers will install four Hyundai Genesis Coupe wheel spacers to achieve the best stance appearance. The number of wheel spacers depends on your needs and the vehicle’s actual situation. If you want to improve the handling and appearance of the car through wheel spacers, then choosing to use wheel spacers only on the front or rear wheels of the vehicle will be a good choice. After installing the Hyundai Genesis Coupe wheel spacers, the wheel hub can be pushed outwards, and the car’s track will become longer.

If you want to achieve a better balance in your car’s driving dynamics and perform a specific stance, installing four Hyundai Genesis Coupe wheel spacers will fulfill your performance or aesthetic goals. The thickness of the front and rear wheel spacers will be adjusted based on the vehicle’s stock offset and measured data.

Although most cars are set with a stock offset, there may still be slight deviations during driving, and customers have personal requirements for the vehicle’s stance. Therefore, we recommend that you measure and choose the appropriate product yourself.

Can I Use Hyundai Genesis Coupe Wheel Spacers on All Four Wheels, or Just the Front or Rear?


Why Do People Install Hyundai Genesis Coupe Wheel Spacers Only on the Front?

Installation of Hyundai Genesis Coupe wheel spacers on the front wheels may be due to two reasons. The first reason is the installation of a larger caliper brake kit. The braking performance of aftermarket brakes is one of the reasons why customers are attracted to modification. However, the offsets of different vehicles are different, which makes it impossible to install the same size aftermarket brakes on every car. At this time, the existence of wheel spacers becomes meaningful.

Its price is much lower than a new set of wheels, and thanks to its function, most aftermarket brakes can be adapted to the vehicle. If you want to upgrade to a larger caliper aftermarket brake kit for your Hyundai Genesis Coupe, then Hyundai Genesis Coupe wheel spacers will be a good choice.

The second reason for installing Hyundai Genesis Coupe wheel spacers is to solve the problem of oversteering. The issue of oversteering can be solved by installing wheel spacers to extend the front wheel track and adjusting the offset within a reasonable range. Some customers doubt the effect of installing wheel spacers on the rear wheels. The Hyundai Genesis Coupe wheel spacers on the rear wheels can help solve the understeering problem.

At the same time, since the rear wheels do not participate in active steering, the impact of the thickness of the wheel spacers is not significant.

How Big of Hyundai Genesis Coupe Wheel Spacers Can I Install?

Hyundai Genesis Coupe wheel spacers belong to the bolt-on structure, which impacts their thickness. The thickness of slip-on wheel spacers can range from 3mm to 160mm, while Hyundai Genesis Coupe wheel spacers need enough space to accommodate wheel studs, so their minimum thickness is 20mm. BONOSS supports special customization services and provides complete customer service. You can customize special Hyundai Genesis Coupe wheel spacers according to your needs.

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