If you are looking for a way to improve the appearance and performance of your Hyundai Santa, you may have considered adding wheel spacers. Wheel spacers are metal discs that fit between the wheel and the hub, creating extra clearance and pushing the wheels outwards. But can they really help the fitment of your Hyundai Santa? Here are some pros and cons of running wheel spacers on your Hyundai Santa.

Hyundai Santa Wheel Spacers: pros and cons

Pros of Hyundai Santa Wheel Spacers

Better stance and aesthetics: Wheel spacers can make your Hyundai Santa look more aggressive and sporty by filling the wheel arches and reducing the gap between the tire and the fender. This can also enhance the overall balance and proportion of your vehicle.

Improved handling and stability: Wheel spacers can increase the track width of your Hyundai Santa, which means the distance between the left and right wheels. This can improve the lateral stability and cornering performance of your vehicle, as well as reduce body roll and understeer.

More wheel and tire options: Wheel spacers can allow you to fit larger or wider wheels and tires on your Hyundai Santa, which can improve traction, braking, and ride quality. Wheel spacers can also correct the offset of aftermarket wheels, which is the distance between the wheel centerline and the mounting surface. A proper offset can ensure that the wheels fit flush with the fenders and do not rub against the suspension or brake components.

Cons of Hyundai Santa Wheel Spacers

Potential vibration and noise: Wheel spacers can cause vibration and noise if they are not installed properly or if they are not compatible with your wheels and tires. This can affect the driving experience and performance of your Hyundai Santa. To prevent this, you should use hub-centric wheel spacers that are designed to fit snugly over the hub flange and center the wheel accurately. You should also torque the lug nuts to the recommended specifications and check them regularly for tightness.

Possible legal issues: Wheel spacers may not be legal in some states or countries, depending on their size, type, and installation method. You should check with your local authorities before using wheel spacers on your Hyundai Santa to avoid any fines or penalties. You should also inform your insurance company about any modifications you make to your vehicle to avoid any coverage issues.

Hyundai Santa Wheel Spacers: pros and cons

What type of Hyundai Santa wheel spacers can avoid the drawbacks?

To evade the drawbacks that have been mentioned, you need quality spacers specially customized for these issues. Obviously, some regions forbid the spacers, like Australia, you have no choice but to abide by the law. But most regions allow for the wheel to be flush with the fender. However, opting for spacers crafted by reputable brands is capable to settle down the issues like bearing, vibration and safety.

The brand that does best in deliberately designing spacers to evade drawbacks and boost performances is BONOSS. Till now, they are the spacer brand with the most global patents and only focus on producing and improving spacer this one product. But how do they evade these drawbacks?

BONOSS Hyundai Santa wheel spacers are multi-stage hub-centric. A common hub-centric spacer consists of a lip ring in the center to fit the wheel. If you hold a BONOSS spacer in hand, you can see the lip ring is staged. There are stages and chamfers in most wheel bores and hub bores. Mounting common hub-centric spacers between them is not ‘hub-centric’ enough. To truly ‘hub-centric’ to the wheel and hub, a multi-stage spacer is designed for different car models to fit the chamfers and stages in the wheel bores and hub bores. Thus, these spacers can fit perfectly with the wheel and hub. The vibration and wobble will not gonna appear.

BONOSS Hyundai Santa wheel spacers are stable and safe. They are made from aircraft 7075-T6 or 6061-T6 forged aluminum. Forged aluminum is far more stable and stronger than those cast spacers. Cast spacers are prone to breaking and are incapable to endure the weight of wheel and vehicle suspension. Some YouTubers have recorded them breaking a cast cheap spacer with a hammer. It is a nightmare that the wheels fly away when you are riding on the roads.

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