Installing wheel spacers on your Honda Accord can give it a more aggressive stance and allow you to run wider tires. But is this a DIY job, or best left to the professionals? In this post, we’ll look at what’s involved in installing Honda Accord wheel spacers yourself.

Can I install Honda Accord wheel spacers myself?

What are wheel spacers?

Wheel spacers are circular metal plates that sit between your wheel and hub. They push the wheels outward to give them a wider track or stance. Many Honda Accord owners add spacers for aesthetic reasons, to make their sedan look lower and wider.

Spacers range from 5mm to 30mm thick. The most common sizes for the Accord are 15mm or 20mm. Thicker spacers will push the wheels further out, but also put more stress on components like wheel bearings.

Why install Honda Accord wheel spacers?

Here are some of the benefits of running spacers on a Honda Accord:

  • Wider stance – Pushing the wheels out 5mm to 30mm makes the Accord look more aggressive and lowers the visual center of gravity.
  • Clearance for wider tires – Widening the track allows you to run wider tires without rubbing or offset issues.
  • Improve handling – A wider track can improve high-speed stability and cornering grip.
  • Customize look – Spacers let you fine tune the exact stance you want for show or track.

As you can see, spacers impact much more than just the car’s appearance. When you install them properly, they can really boost the performance of your Honda.

Can I install Honda Accord wheel spacers myself?

With the right tools and mechanical skills, you can install wheel spacers on a Honda Accord in your home garage. But there are some steps that are critical to doing the job right.

Supplies needed:

  • Wheel spacers – Ensure you get hub-centric spacers made specifically for the Accord. BONOSS spacers are top quality.
  • Longer wheel studs/bolts – Measure to determine the new hardware needed to account for spacer thickness.
  • Wheel bearing grease – Fresh grease ensures proper hub lubrication.
  • Torque wrench – Vital for precise fastener tightening when re-installing the wheels.

Steps for installing spacers:

  1. Lift the front of the car and support on jack stands. Remove the front wheels.
  2. Remove brake caliper bolts and hang caliper out of the way. Don’t let it hang by the brake hose!
  3. Remove wheel bolts/nuts and remove factory spacer if equipped.
  4. Clean and inspect all mounting surfaces. Apply fresh wheel bearing grease.
  5. Install new longer wheel studs/bolts if needed.
  6. Install wheel spacers on hubs. Ensure proper fitment and no gaps.
  7. Reinstall brake components and wheels.
  8. Use a star pattern and torque wheel bolts to factory spec with torque wrench.
  9. Repeat steps on rear wheels. Lower vehicle.
  10. Retorque bolts after 50 miles. Check for signs of looseness.

The most crucial steps are having the right hardware, keeping components clean, proper spacer fitment, and using a torque wrench for final tightening. Rushing any steps can lead to vibrations or component failure.

Why choose BONOSS Honda Accord wheel spacers?

If you decide to install wheel spacers on your Honda Accord, go with a quality brand like BONOSS. BONOSS is a leading manufacturer of high-quality wheel spacers that are designed to meet or exceed OEM standards.

BONOSS uses forged aluminum alloy (AL6061-T6 or AL7075-T6) as the material for its wheel spacers, which is much stronger and lighter than cast aluminum or steel. Forged aluminum alloy has a tensile strength of at least 310 MPa (AL6061-T6) or 572 MPa (AL7075-T6), compared to 200 MPa for cast aluminum or 400 MPa for steel.

BONOSS adopts an innovative active cooling technique for its wheel spacers, which improves the heat dissipation and reduces the thermal exhaustion of the braking system. BONOSS wheel spacers have hollowed-out grooves on the surface that increase the air convection and create a cooling air channel between the spacer and the hub.

BONOSS has obtained over 66 SGS TÜV test reports certificated by SGS Group (the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification organization), which verify its high quality and safety standards.

With quality hub-centric spacers like BONOSS, you can give your Accord a custom aggressive stance. Just take care to install them properly.