When you drive on the muddy road of the countryside with the rain dropping down, you will thank your sane choice of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. No wonder it can be the most popular vehicle to travel through extreme environments such as deserts, rainforests, and blizzards. For such a trusted companion, what can we do to make it more aggressive and better protected? Wheel spacers could be a member of the alliance. After installing them, you can intuitively feel the power of appearance, and the sense of loyalty and security it brings will also be improved. Let’s take an actual loading case of BONOSS as an entry point to see the sense of security it brings to Prado.

People who pick Land Cruiser Prado as their travel tool can be roughly divided into two types. For one Land Cruiser Prado is an indispensable component in their life because of the burdensome environment around them, which may include living and working environment. For another, it is their active choice and a lifestyle they pursue. Aesthetics may rank behind safety for the former, but the safety and all-terrain capacity are extremely important for both.


Enhance Maneuverability On Rugged Surfaces

This function of wheel spacers is outstanding off road. Bigger aspect ratio is what many off-road SUVs pursues, which means the bigger tire’s side wall. In this case, the Land Cruiser Prado we receive have the 265/65R17 tires. The high ratio get significantly improve the road adaptability, but the expense is the reduction of handling and stability at high speed. With wheel spacers fitted between the axle and the wheel , your Land Cruiser Prado can get increasing width track. Although normally Land Cruiser Prado will not drive at high speed in some extreme condition, the stable feeling bought by wheel spacers will be fantastic when you are driving at high speed on the highway.

How safe is the wheel spacer in off-road? It depends the types, size and material of wheel spacers you choose. Generally speaking, hub-centric wheel spacers have better tightness than lug-centric ones. This is because hub-centric ones have the perfectly matched center bore with your axle, avoiding the clearance between two parts. So there is no possibility of loosening and friction. Next is the size. It is easy to minimize the risk as long as you get accurate data measurement service from professionals. BONOSS also provide you with such service. Last but not least, material determines wheel spacers’ life and even your life. Steel alloy and Aluminum alloy are two common materials used on wheel spacers. By comparison, Aluminum alloy has higher hardness, ultimate yield strength and ultimate tensile strength. Also, the production process matters a lot. Forging can produce  more pure and exquisite products than casting. What’s most important, craftsmanship is not the deadliest, a qualified production process instead. The easiest way to judge this is the legitimate certificate of a product, such as its trademark, anti-counterfeit labels and product warranty. If there are no three guarantees, weed it out immediately.

Remedy Rubbing of Upgraded Accessories

For some enthusiasts who are not satisfied with stock configuration, they will modify some of their stock components. It can certainly upgrade your vehicle’s performance, but sometimes there is no enough space inner the wheel for the upgrade accessories. For instance, you install a larger brake caliper on your brake disc, the protruding distance caused by the new brake caliper is just the thickness of wheel spacers you need. Or when you change a bigger wheel, the ET/ offset differs from the original one is just which you need to adjust. In a word, wheel spacer can serve as a remedy if you have any problem with your modification. Because compared with the price of brake, suspension and even wheel, the cost on wheel spacers is not worth mentioning. So don’t try to save money on wheel spacers, otherwise the expense will be out of your expectation.

Reducing Extra Weight Of Your Vehicle

The permitted gross vehicle weight (GVW) and maximum permitted axle weight of a good vehicle are marked on either side of the vehicle. When you add aftermarket products on your Prado, the weight is a predominant factor to think about. Compared with a heavy wheel hub and wheel tire, a piece of wheel spacer is much more unburdened for your Prado to widen the width track. A lightweight SUV will perform better off-road for the reducing load on 175-hp engine. Take a further step, a lightweight wheel spacer can help reduce more GVW than normal ones. BONOSS forged lightweight plus wheel spacers are about 20% lighter than the previous ones, achieving the balance between high performance and environmental protection. Lightweight doesn’t mean less production cost, on contrary, it has higher technical requirements. But for better customer experience, we bear the extra cost. Want specific information of products? Click here.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado wheel spacers 6×139.7 106.1mm