Kia Soul wheel spacers are practical for subcompact cars. The Kia Soul, as a subcompact car, targets buyers in the 18-35 age range in North America. Due to its small size, it is less stable than SUVs and sedans, so using Kia Soul wheel spacers to increase the vehicle’s stability is highly effective.

Kia Soul wheel spacers can increase the track of the vehicle, and increasing the track can help improve vehicle stability. Expanding the track, Kia Soul wheel spacers can provide better driving stability. This is because a wider tread width generates a larger contact area, which helps distribute the vehicle’s weight more evenly on the tires. This can result in more stable and controllable driving, especially at high speeds or uneven road surfaces.

Stability is also reflected in vehicle steering. Installing Kia Soul wheel spacers on the front wheels will help reduce the tendency for understeer during turning, while Kia Soul wheel spacers on the rear wheels will reduce the tendency for oversteer. In general, customers will choose to install four Kia Soul wheel spacers. The lower center of gravity of the vehicle means that the car will tilt less during turning, resulting in better stability.

Are Kia Soul Wheel Spacers Good for Subcompact Car?

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Are Kia Soul Wheel Spacers Hub-centric?

The Kia Soul wheel spacers provided by BONOSS are hub-centric and have a unique multi-stage hub-centric design for a more stable structure. The step-by-step design of the central ring is used to fit the vehicle axle and wheel hub central ring. The purpose of hub-centric is to maintain the concentric position of the Kia Soul wheel spacers with the hub assembly, reducing the stress on bolt holes and wheel studs after being fixed.

Hub-centric Kia Soul wheel spacers are more stable and safer than lug-centric products. Lug-centric Kia Soul wheel spacers rely on wheel studs for fixing. Due to continuous road feedback, it is easy to cause wear on the bolt holes, and worn bolt holes cannot guarantee the clamping force of the fixing. This can easily cause the bolts to loosen, resulting in the spacers falling off and the vehicle shaking.

What Kia Soul Wheel Spacers Are Best?

BONOSS provides high-quality Kia Soul wheel spacers that you can choose from. You can opt for the Kia Soul wheel spacers made of forged 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, which have a very dense internal structure due to the external pressure during the forging process. We also offer high-performance 7075-T6 Kia Soul wheel spacers, which perform 40% better than the 6061-T6 version. The aluminum alloy Kia Soul wheel spacers have excellent tensile strength and toughness, allowing them to maintain good condition even under external pressure at the plastic deformation limit.

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