The size of the Lamborghini Urus wheel spacers will impact the vehicle’s appearance and performance. The Urus requires thicker wheel spacers as an SUV than a typical sedan. Many off-road enthusiasts like using wheel spacers as an accessory to improve their vehicles’ handling performance, lateral tilt angle, and weight distribution. These enthusiasts often prefer larger sizes of wheel spacers, such as the commonly used 1-inch or 2-inch sizes. Customers may have questions regarding the optimal size of Lamborghini Urus wheel spacers and whether bigger is necessarily better.

How Big of Lamborghini Urus Wheel Spacers?

The common size of Lamborghini Urus wheel spacers is 20mm or greater. If you measure the distance from the outside of the wheel hub to the fender, you will find a recessed distance typically within the range of 30mm to 50mm. The manufacturer designs a conservative offset value to ensure the wheel hub stays inside the fender and doesn’t splash dirt and debris during driving. Many customers who like to modify their vehicles have higher requirements for both performance and appearance.

Therefore, using Lamborghini Urus wheel spacers will move the wheels to an ideal position, typically flush with the fender.

In BONOSS modification cases, some Lamborghini Urus customers have used 2-inch Lamborghini Urus wheel spacers. 2 inches is approximately 50.8mm, while 1 inch is approximately 25.4mm. The appropriate product will meet your needs, but understanding your requirements is the premise for BONOSS to provide the correct size product. If you want a fuller appearance, the 2-inch Lamborghini Urus wheel spacers are undoubtedly the right product. Some customers prefer to keep more conservative measurements, so the 1-inch to 2-inch product range is also popular.

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If you want to use Lamborghini Urus wheel spacers to correct aftermarket brakes, you must measure the distance between the aftermarket brakes and the wheel hub spokes. This distance typically does not exceed 30mm. Using smaller wheel spacers can correct the offset, which is the value obtained by subtracting the thickness of the Lamborghini Urus wheel spacers from the offset value. A positive offset will be advantageous, while a negative offset will put extra pressure on the chassis suspension.

Are Big-size Lamborghini Urus Wheel Spacers Safe?

Using larger Lamborghini Urus wheel spacers requires special attention to the quality of the spacers and the strength of the vehicle’s chassis to ensure they are compatible with these accessories. Lamborghini Urus wheel spacers can be made of forged aluminum alloy or iron. Iron has slightly higher strength than aluminum alloy, but forged aluminum alloy performs better in terms of toughness.

BONOSS provides customers with specially designed forged aluminum alloy spacers made of two materials, 6061-T6 and 7075-T6, which have reliable tensile and yield strength with accurate data from standardized materials.

Because Lamborghini Urus wheel spacers are larger and have a greater weight. Sedans are unsuitable for using larger wheel spacers because their chassis strength is not emphasized for off-road scenarios. SUVs emphasize versatility in different scenarios, and we are familiar with Toyota Tacoma, Land Cruiser, and Prado, which are all popular among off-road enthusiasts, and hardware modifications are allowed. Vehicle modifications should be carried out with the assistance of professional technicians.

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BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Hubcentric Wheel Spacers 5 Lugs Wheel Adapters Spurverbreiterungen Aluminum Wheel Spacers (2)
BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Hubcentric Wheel Spacers 5 Lugs Wheel Adapters Spurverbreiterungen Aluminum Wheel Spacers (2)