If you own a 2010-2020 model year Lexus is250, knowing the proper lug nut size and torque specifications is important for safe wheel installation. The factory lug nuts on these vehicles are 12×1.50mm. Using the right socket size and torque when removing or installing wheels will prevent damage to the lug nuts and wheel hubs.

What size are OEM Lexus is250 lug nuts?

The OEM lug nuts on 2010-2020 Lexus is250 models are 12×1.50mm thread pitch. The nut size refers to the diameter which is 12mm and the thread pitch of 1.50mm. The tapered seat helps center the wheel on the hub.

What size socket are Lexus is250 lug nuts?

A 19mm lug wrench is needed to remove or install the factory lug nuts on Lexus is250 models from 2010-2020. High quality chrome vanadium sockets are ideal for longevity and preventing damage to the lug nut surfaces. Ensure the socket is in good condition without excessive wear.

What torque spec are Lexus is250 lug nuts?

Lexus specifies a tightening torque of 76 lb-ft for the lug nuts on the is250. This torque spec should be followed with a calibrated torque wrench to prevent under or over tightening. Under tightening can allow wheels to loosen over time, while over tightening can damage the studs or wheel. Tighten the nuts in a star pattern sequence for even loading. Check the torque with a wrench after any wheel service and at regular intervals during ownership.

2010-2024 Lexus is250 lug nut size

Why BONOSS Lexus is250 lug nuts are best?

For owners looking to upgrade from the factory lug nuts, the BONOSS brand is a top choice. Here’s why BONOSS forged 50BV30 steel lug nuts are recommended for the Lexus is250:

  • Stronger material – Made of forged 50BV30 steel alloy. This resists stretching and deformation.
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance – The coating provides a black finish that won’t peel or allow rust. Ideal for harsh weather conditions.
  • Easy installation – The tapered seat nut design allows for hand tightening during placement. Final torque is achieved efficiently with less effort.
  • Guaranteed safety – Exceeds load ratings for OEM lug nuts. Certified to ISO standards for manufacturing quality control.

Upgrading to BONOSS Lexus is250 lug nuts provides peace of mind knowing you have high strength, long lasting lug nuts specially designed for the Lexus is250. Their premium construction ensures a precise and secure fit for the life of your vehicle.