If you own a Lexus RX 350, knowing the lug nut size and torque specifications is important for changing a tire or swapping out wheels. The lug nuts keep your Lexus wheels securely attached to the vehicle’s hub assembly. Using the wrong size lug nuts or incorrect torque can lead to a wheel coming loose while driving, a serious safety hazard. Here’s a detailed look at Lexus RX 350 lug nut sizes and torque specs.

What Size are OEM Lexus RX 350 Lug Nuts?

The factory lug nuts on a Lexus RX 350 are 12×1.5 mm lug nuts. Lexus uses this lug nut design to center the wheel against the hub precisely.

Lexus RX 350 models have 5 lug nuts per wheel, requiring a total of 20 lug nuts for the full set of 4 wheels. Replacing your original equipment lug nuts with the proper OEM spec nuts ensures the wheels remain securely fastened without issue.

What Size Socket Are Lexus RX 350 Lug Nuts?

To remove or install the 12×1.5mm lug nuts on a Lexus RX 350, you’ll need a 19mm socket. This allows the socket to fit snugly onto the nut to budge it loose or tighten properly.

What Torque Spec are Lexus RX 350 Lug Nuts?

Proper torque spec for Lexus RX 350 lug nuts is 76 lb-ft (103 Nm). Torquing the lug nuts to this specification ensures each nut is tightened enough to secure the wheels, while avoiding over-tightening that can damage the studs or nuts.

It’s critical to use an accurate torque wrench to achieve the 76 lb-ft target torque during installation. An impact wrench lacks precision and makes it easy to over or under tighten. Overtightening can strip stud threads or deform the nuts. Undertightening leads to wheel wobble and loose lug nuts.

Always tighten lug nuts in the specified star pattern sequence to apply even pressure across the wheel. Recheck torque after around 50-100 miles of driving.

What size are Lexus RX 350 lug nuts size?

Why BONOSS Lexus RX 350 Lug Nuts Are Best?

For top quality Lexus RX 350 lug nuts, look no further than BONOSS. They manufacture premium lug nuts that exceed OEM specs for proper fit and longevity. Here are some benefits of choosing BONOSS forged ISO grade 12 lug nuts:

  • Made of high-strength forged 50BV30 steel alloy
  • Tapered cone shape fits most aftermarket wheels
  • Rigorous quality control and durability testing ensure a reliable hold

Investing in BONOSS lug nuts gives you peace of mind knowing your Lexus RX 350 wheels will stay put mile after mile. With the right size nut and socket, plus following the proper 76 lb-ft torque spec, you can keep your wheels securely attached while maintaining quick and easy removability when needed. Take the guesswork out of aftermarket Lexus RX 350 lug nuts with industry-leading BONOSS.