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Mercedes-Benz GT wheel spacers safety is related to many aspects, Mercedes-Benz GT uses PCD 5×112, CB 66.5 data, this data is collected from the BONOSS database, according to the GT data to choose the corresponding 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 material wheel spacers, of which 12mm and 15mm wheel spacers are often chosen, the Mercedes-Benz GT retains the AMG brake kit, customers want to make the wheels push out more to get a fuller vehicle line, whether 12mm and 15mm wheel spacers will affect the Mercedes-Benz GT’s driving safety. Do the 12mm and 15mm wheel spacers affect the driving safety of the Mercedes-Benz GT?

Wheel spacers safety has been explained, part of the problem with wheel spacers because of improper installation or the purchase of substandard wheel spacers, the quality of the parts leads to accidents during vehicle driving, such as broken wheel bolts, or wheel spacers loose, the purchase of lug centric wheel spacers have a higher chance of accidents than normal driving accidents, because the lack of hub centric leads to the inability to maintain the normal force on the wheel.

In addition, the appropriate thickness is also one of the considerations, the chassis strength of the vehicle is not recommended to install wheel spacers or install a smaller thickness of wheel spacers, installed wheel spacers will indeed adjust the leverage of the bearings because the adjustment of the leverage of the bearings so as to obtain more stable cornering performance, as well as better driving performance

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Why Choose BONOSS Wheel Spacers?

Adopting high-quality 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum alloy materials, the performance is more superior. After comparing the wheel spacers made of steel and other materials, aluminum alloy is considered to be the most suitable raw material for wheel spacers nowadays, there are various types of aluminum alloy material subdivisions such as 6061-T6 and 7075-T6, but the performance of these two types of materials is considered to be the most ideal by BONOSS, the reference performance standards are tested by tensile strength, yield strength, and failure elongation data. The data shows that wheel spacers made of 6061-T6 can guarantee normal and safe use, while wheel spacers made of 7075-T6 are more high-performance and more dazzling in terms of data performance, and many customers prefer 7075-T6 high-performance wheel spacers.

The well-made hub centric wheel spacers ensure safety. Hub centric design is necessary, as the wheel data of every car cannot be the same, BONOSS needs to measure the data of the commercially available models, and then through CNC 0.02mm high precision machining, the hub centric needs to overlap with the hub assembly and the wheel spacers. For this reason, BONOSS recommends that each part be cleaned when installing wheel spacers in order to achieve a full reunion of the contact surfaces. The hub centric will help the wheel spacers and the wheel to maintain the corresponding concentric position for operation.

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Mercedes-Benz GT Wheel Spacers Before and After

After Mercedes-Benz GT installed wheel spacers, the front wheels are pushed outward by 15mm, and the rear wheels are increased by 12mm, a match is reasonable, the thickness of wheel spacers is chosen according to the actual difference of the vehicle, while the customer’s preference is also a major consideration, as a sports car, Mercedes- Benz GT’s stance should be a lower ground clearance to reduce the air resistance to the vehicle and gain more speed. A wider vehicle stance then helps the vehicle to turn flexibly and to complete a series of driving maneuvers.

From the visual picture, wheel spacers make the wheels flush with the fender, the body lines are fuller, and the stance is more in line with that of a sports car, giving the vehicle a better stance while taking safety into account.

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