If you own a Mercedes E Class and want to customize the look and handling of your ride, installing wheel spacers is a popular modification. Wheel spacers push the wheels outward from the hub, resulting in a wider stance and track. But how big of wheel spacers are safe to use on a Mercedes E Class? Let’s take a look.

What size Mercedes E Class wheel spacers should I get?

When choosing wheel spacers for your E Class, you first need to consider your goals. Are you looking to make the car look more aggressive with a wider stance? Or do you want to allow clearing of bigger brakes or wheels? Most owners choose spacers in the 15-25mm range to subtly enhance the look without pushing the limits.

Here are some typical spacer sizes and their effects on a Mercedes E Class:

  • 10-15mm – A subtle change that pushes the wheels out slightly for a perfect flush look.
  • 20-25mm – A moderate spacer size that makes a noticeable visual difference, adds some extra tire clearance.

So for most E Class owners looking to moderately enhance their car’s stance, using spacers in the front and rear are a safe bet. This provides a visually appealing track width increase without compromising driveability or safety.

How big of Mercedes E Class wheel spacers are safe?

Why are BONOSS Mercedes E Class wheel spacers the best choice?

When installing spacers on your ride, you want quality parts engineered specifically for your vehicle. BONOSS makes some of the best spacers on the market for Mercedes applications. Here are some reasons why BONOSS is the top choice:

Vehicle-Specific Design – BONOSS Mercedes E Class wheel spacers are CNC machined for precise fitment on Mercedes models.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum – Constructed from 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 aluminum, BONOSS Mercedes E Class wheel spacers provide exceptional strength at a lightweight. This grade of aluminum is even used in aerospace applications.

Anodized Coating – The black anodized finish on BONOSS spacers resists corrosion and provides an attractive appearance behind your wheels.

Hub-Centric Fit – BONOSS spacers are hub-centric, with a center bore that perfectly matches your Mercedes’ hub size. This ensures the wheels center properly and prevents vibration.

Load Testing – All BONOSS spacers are individually load tested during manufacturing to verify their quality. This gives you peace of mind that your spacers will perform safely.

Precision Tolerances – With 0.02mm tolerances, BONOSS spacers deliver a flawless fit with no slop or play.

Complete Hardware – ISO grade 12.9 studs are included for a complete, secure installation.

Industry-Leading Warranty – A 10-year warranty, showing the confidence BONOSS has in their products.

For Mercedes owners looking to safely enhance their stance, BONOSS spacers really are the best choice. Their vehicle-specific engineering, quality materials and manufacturing, and great warranty provide peace of mind that you are installing quality, durable parts on your E Class. For the best fit and performance with optimal safety, go with the experts at BONOSS.