If you own a Mini R56 and want to customize the stance, wheel spacers are a great modification. Wheel spacers push the wheels outward to fill the fender wells for a more aggressive look. But what size Mini R56 wheel spacers should you get? In this guide, we’ll cover the wheel spacer sizes that work best for the Mini R56.

Benefits of Mini R56 Wheel Spacers

Here are some of the benefits of installing wheel spacers on a Mini R56:

  • Wider stance for improved handling and cornering
  • Fills out fender wells for a flush, aggressive look
  • Allows fitting larger wheels and tires
  • Provides extra brake caliper clearance

What Size Mini R56 Wheel Spacers to Get?

For a moderate change, 5mm or 10mm spacers are recommended. Here are some spacer size guidelines for the Mini R56:

  • 5mm spacers – Good starting point for a subtle change
  • 10mm spacers – Provides a noticeable track width increase
  • 15mm spacers – Gets wheels flush with fenders on many R56s
  • 20mm spacers – For an extreme flush and wide stance

Most Mini owners find that 10-15mm spacers give their R56 the perfect filled-out stance. Be sure to get hub centric spacers made specifically for the Mini to ensure proper fitment and safety. Hub rings allow the spacers to center perfectly on the wheel hubs.

Mini R56 Wheel Spacers Size Guide

BONOSS Mini R56 Wheel Spacers

One top brand of wheel spacers for the Mini R56 is BONOSS. Here are some benefits of BONOSS spacers:

  • Made of forged 6061T6 or 7075-T6 aluminum alloy
  • Anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Hub rings guarantee perfect hub-centric fit
  • Complete with longer wheel bolts
  • SGS&TUV certified for safety and quality

BONOSS spacers are designed specifically for the R56 Cooper and Cooper S models. They have the proper bolt patterns, hub bores, and offset needed.

BONOSS offers the R56 spacers in most common sizes from 5mm to 50mm.

Overall, BONOSS wheel spacers are regarded as the highest quality and safest option for Mini R56 owners. Their precise engineering and durable construction hold up to aggressive driving.

Spacer Size Recommendations

Here are some recommendations on BONOSS spacer sizes for popular Mini R56 wheel setups:

  • Factory 16” wheels – 10-15mm spacers
  • Factory 17” wheels – 10-15mm spacers
  • Factory 18” wheels – 5-10mm spacers
  • Aftermarket 17” wheels – 15mm spacers
  • Aftermarket 18” wheels – 10-15mm spacers
  • Aftermarket 19”+ wheels – 5-10mm spacers

Always test fit your wheel and tire combo before installing spacers. If unsure, start with thinner 5-10mm spacers for a subtle change.

Adding wheel spacers is a great way to perfect the stance of your Mini R56. For most cars, 10-15mm spacers give an ideal track width increase. BONOSS manufactures high-quality anodized aluminum spacers specifically engineered for the Mini. Their hub-centric design guarantees a factory-like fit. With the right Mini R56 wheel spacers, you can achieve the aggressive look you want. Just be mindful not to overdo it with extremely thick spacers.