What do wheel spacers do? Why do I put wheel spacers on a car? Are wheel spacers useless? These are the main questions most people doubts about wheel spacers. Maybe you have learned enough information about wheel spacers’ effects, such as improving the vehicle’s appearance or enhancing the handling performance of the car. However, if you are not a person who concerns about the aesthetics and racing ability of vehicles, then wheel spacers are useless to you? The fact is not like that, I will show you the 5 situations you must fit wheel spacers to your car to solve difficult problems of car modification.

Situation 1: After Refitting the Brake Calipers

As we know, car owners who like to modify will install better brake calipers to improve the performance of their car, because the brake system change has a very obvious difference in the driving experience. High-level brake calipers’ thickness is generally wider than stock one. After installing high-quality brake calipers, there may be friction between the modified brake calipers and the inner wheel sidewall, which will affect the normal driving of the vehicle. At this time, how can you solve this problem? There are two options you have, the first one is to buy a set of expensive tires with a suitable ET; the second is to install the wheel spacers. In fact, the friction distance between the new brake caliper and the inner sidewall of the wheel is often a few millimeters. For example, the stock wheel with an ET of +25mm needs to be replaced with a wheel with an ET of +23mm to avoid rubbing. It is very bothers that you have to find a new set of tires only for these few millimeters. But if you choose the second option, the wheel spacers, which are designed with various thicknesses from 3mm to 120mm. It is very convenient for customers to choose spacers with suitable thickness to solve the space problem. It can effectively solve the friction problem of brake calipers instead of breaking a bank to buy a new set of tires.

Situation 2: After Tire Modification

Many car owners will choose thicker tires to improve the operability of their cars. If you want to match thicker tires, you will inevitably increase the J value of the wheels. In this situation, the space problem arises again. With the thickness of the tires increasing, there may be problems with modified thicker tires rubbing against the fender when you fully turn the steering wheel, and abnormal friction noises will be made during driving. It very disappointed when you choose a set of favorite tires and installed it, but you need to return it because of that problem. However, the wheel spacers can allow the modified thicker tires to be pushed out some distance to solve the friction problem caused by the steering. It is very convenient, keeps your favorite tires from being returned, and saves your budget.

There is also a tire mod situation where the customer changes to a set of tires with a larger positive ET. This space problem will be the same as the above one. The friction will occur between the fender or the suspension with modified tires, the wheel spacers can easily solve this problem also.

Situation 3: Install Tires with Different PCD Data

Just like Toyota 86 and some cars, the PCD of the wheel hub is 5×100, but many beautiful tires on the aftermarket have a PCD of 5×114.3. In this case, you will wonder how can you install satisfactory tires on your car. The wheel spacers provide an option to solve this problem easily. There are two different values of PCD on the wheel spacers, one is the PCD of the holes on the wheel spacers which meet the wheel hub studs, the other is the PCD of the studs on the wheel spacers that match your favorite aftermarket wheels. You can customized wheel spacers to install the tires of different PCD data after asking our staff about some detailed data questions.

Situation 4: Match the Wide-Body Kits Modification

Within the automobile industry, a popular type of car mod is the installation of “wide-body kits” which involves bolting on bigger and bulkier car panels that either replace or incorporate within the car’s existing fenders or quarter panels. At many auto shows, you may be amazed by the wide-body style rides. You know what, if those cars want the tires to match the fenders of the popular style car, they have to be installed the wheel spacers. Most tires with negative ET can not match the exaggerated requirement, so they can not meet this style appearance of the car. But the wheel spacers’ thickness can easily reach 50mm or even 70mm, your tires can perfectly flush the fenders to achieve a Hellaflush style. You can be the most dazzling one in the auto show or the car club.

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Situation 5: Change the Steering Rod

Of course, this is a relatively rare one. It may only appear in many racing games. The racing team often changes the steering rod of the racing car for a larger turning angle to enhance performance. Not expect that with the tires’ greater deflection angle, tires will inevitably collide and rubbing with suspension, control arms, or other parts. Installing the wheel spacers with suitable thickness can effectively solve these frictional collision problems.

Final Words

After all, in addition to the five situations I mentioned above, the wheel spacers can also widen the wheel track, improve the stability of the car body cornering and the comfort of daily driving. In the Elk test, it has been verified through professional data that the wheel spacers have a significant enhancement in the driving performance of the vehicle. So the wheel spacers are absolutely useful and beneficial to the vehicle. And if you are struggling with some mod problems, consider whether the wheel spacers can solve them. You are also welcome to ask questions to our BONOSS staff, we will provide professional help to you in time.

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