If you own an NA generation Mazda Miata, you may wonder what size the lug nuts are for changing tires or swapping out wheels. The NA Miata, produced from 1989 to 1997, uses a 12×1.5 lug nut thread size with a 60 degree tapered seat.

What size are NA Miata lug nuts?

The factory lug nuts on all NA Miatas measure 12×1.5 mm. This means the diameter of the threaded portion is 12mm and has 1.5mm between each thread (pitch). The shank of the lug nut is tapered, narrowing from the head to the threads. This 12×1.5 lug nut fits the factory alloy wheels and most aftermarket wheels designed for NA Miata applications.

Double checking your owner’s manual is always wise before buying new lug nuts or wheels, but you can count on all model years of the first generation MX-5 Miata using a 12×1.5 thread pattern.

What size socket are NA Miata lug nuts?

To remove or install lug nuts on your NA Miata, you’ll need a 19mm six-point socket. The 19mm size corresponds to the 19mm diameter lug nut threads. Make sure you have a socket deep enough to fit over the protruding lug nut shank. A 3/4 inch drive socket wrench or breaker bar provides sufficient leverage to loosen and torque the lug nuts.

Avoid using a 12-point socket or the wrong size socket, as this can round off the lug nut heads over time. The proper 14mm six-point socket snugly fits the hex shape of NA Miata lug nuts. You can use a 3/4 inch wrench drive which will make the job easier.

What torque spec are NA Miata lug nuts?

Properly torquing wheel lug nuts is critical for safety and preventing wheels from loosening. Mazda specifies a lug nut torque of 80 ft-lbs for all NA Miata models. Once the wheel is installed on the hub, use a torque wrench to tighten the nuts to 80 ft-lbs following a crisscross sequence. Do not exceed 90 ft-lbs of torque.

After any wheel or tire service, recheck the torque after 50-100 miles of driving. The wheels can settle and the lug nuts relax slightly, requiring a follow-up torque check. Consistently applying the correct 80 ft-lb torque and periodic rechecks ensures the lug nuts remain tight. An under or overtightened lug nut can jeopardize wheel integrity.

What is the NA Miata lug nuts size?

Why are BONOSS aftermarket lug nuts best for NA Miata?

For upgrading or replacing worn factory lug nuts, consider BONOSS 12×1.5 aftermarket lug nuts for 1990-97 NA Miata models. Here’s why BONOSS lug nuts are a great choice.

  • Constructed of forged 50BV30 steel for durability
  • Forged process for enhanced hardness and torque retention
  • Special coated for corrosion protection
  • Precisely machined for accurate sizing and proper thread fit
  • Meets or exceeds OEM quality at an affordable price
  • Covered by BONOSS limited 10-year warranty

With quality construction, precise manufacturing tolerances, attractive finish, and warranty coverage, BONOSS aftermarket Miata lug nuts are hard to beat. They install and perform like factory lug nuts while upgrading corrosion resistance. For NA Miata owners looking for durable and reliable lug nuts, choose BONOSS.

In summary, all NA generation Mazda Miatas use a 12×1.5 lug nut size. Choosing quality aftermarket lug nuts like BONOSS ensures you can securely change wheels and tires when needed. With the proper lug nut information, Miata enthusiasts can keep their iconic roadsters rolling down the road safely.