If you have a Nissan 370z, you may be curious if wheel spacers are a good addition for your car. Wheel spacers are devices that go between the hub and the wheel, creating more space and pushing the wheel outwards. They can have various advantages, such as improving the appearance, handling, and fitment of your car. However, they also have some disadvantages, such as increasing the strain on the suspension components, affecting the steering geometry, and requiring longer wheel studs. In this post, we will talk about the pros and cons of Nissan 370z wheel spacers, as well as the types and sizes of spacers that are appropriate for your car.

Are Nissan 370z wheel spacers good to run?

Benefits of Nissan 370z wheel spacers

One of the main advantages of Nissan 370z wheel spacers is that they can enhance the look of your car by giving it a more aggressive stance and filling up the wheel wells. This can make your car stand out from the crowd and match your personal style. Another advantage of Nissan 370z wheel spacers is that they can improve the handling and performance of your car by widening the track width and reducing the body roll. This can increase the stability and cornering grip of your car, especially if you have lowered your suspension or installed wider tires. A third advantage of Nissan 370z wheel spacers is that they can help you achieve a better fitment for your wheels and tires by eliminating any rubbing or clearance issues. This can allow you to use different wheels or tires that have a different offset or size than the stock ones.

Type of Nissan 370z wheel spacers

There are two main types of Nissan 370z wheel spacers: bolt-on and slip-on. Bolt-on spacers are attached to the hub with their own bolts, and then the wheel is attached to the spacer with another set of bolts. Slip-on spacers are simply slid over the existing studs, and then the wheel is secured with longer lug nuts. Bolt-on spacers are more secure and stable than slip-on spacers, but they also add more weight and complexity to the wheel assembly. Slip-on spacers are easier and cheaper to install than bolt-on spacers, but they also require longer studs and may not fit snugly on the hub.

Another way to classify Nissan 370z wheel spacers is by their material and construction. Most wheel spacers are made of aluminum or its alloys, which are lightweight, strong, and resistant to corrosion. Some wheel spacers are forged, which means they are formed by applying high pressure and heat to a solid piece of metal. Forged wheel spacers are stronger and more durable than cast or machined wheel spacers, but they also cost more. Some wheel spacers are hub-centric, which means they have a lip that matches the diameter of the hub bore. Hub-centric wheel spacers ensure a perfect alignment and balance of the wheel, preventing any vibration or wobble. Some wheel spacers have cooling grooves or heat sinks that help dissipate heat from the brakes and wheels, improving their performance and longevity.

Size of Nissan 370z wheel spacers

The size of Nissan 370z wheel spacers depends on several factors, such as the offset, width, diameter, and bolt pattern of your wheels and tires, as well as your personal preference and driving style. Generally speaking, you should choose a size that gives you enough clearance for your wheels and tires without causing any interference with the fenders, suspension, or steering components. You should also consider how much you want to change the appearance and handling of your car.

The most common sizes of Nissan 370z wheel spacers range from 5mm to 25mm in thickness. A 5mm spacer is barely noticeable but can eliminate minor rubbing or clearance issues. A 10mm spacer is more noticeable but still subtle, giving your car a slightly wider stance and improving its handling. A 15mm spacer is more aggressive but still within reason, giving your car a noticeable wider stance and enhancing its performance. A 20mm spacer is very aggressive and may require fender rolling or trimming to avoid rubbing or scraping. A 25mm spacer is extreme and may cause serious problems with your suspension geometry or steering alignment.

The bolt pattern of Nissan 370z wheel spacers is usually 5×114.3mm, which matches the stock wheels and most aftermarket wheels for this car. The center bore diameter of Nissan 370z wheel spacers is usually 66.1mm or 66mm, which matches the hub bore diameter of this car. However, some aftermarket wheels may have a different center bore diameter than the stock ones, so you may need to use hub rings or adapters to ensure a proper fitment.

Are Nissan 370z wheel spacers good to run?

Brand of Nissan 370z wheel spacers

Choosing reliable wheel spacers from a multitude of similar products in the market can be challenging. You need to consider the material strength and fitment of wheel spacers and bolts to ensure they are safe and suitable for your vehicle. One of the reputable wheel spacer brands is BONOSS who offers high-quality and unique-designed Nissan 370z wheel spacers.

BONOSS Nissan 370z wheel spacers are made of forged 7075-T6 aluminum alloy with anodized black coating. You can find various wheel spacers online, such as cast spacers, steel spacers, 6065 spacers, lug-centric spacers, etc. They are cheap, but they also compromise the safety of your vehicle. They can cause a lot of problems such as wearing out your components, tires, noise and vibrations. But BONOSS spacers are hub-centric, 7075-T6 AL, anodized, and customized for different car models. They can reduce all defects and enhance your driving experience.

Multi-stage and hub-centric. The central lips of BONOSS spacers are designed according to the shape and size of Nissan 370z wheels and hubs. The stages and chamfers on the spacers can fit the hub bore and wheel bore tightly. Lug-centric spacers are unable to maintain balance and seamless connection with wheels and hubs.

BONOSS Nissan 370z wheel spacers have multiple features such as active cooling grooves, dismounting grooves and crossing knurl engraving. Among these, active cooling grooves are first-invented and patented globally by BONOSS. You can only find these grooves in BONOSS wheel spacers. These dissipation grooves have been tested to work effectively in brake cooling for the aerodynamical structure.