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BONOSS Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts for Renault Alaskan/ Koleos/ Master/ Clio/ Pulse/ Safrane/ Scala and More


  • Forged AL7075-T6 with Tensile Strength ≥ 572 Mpa, Safer
  • Lightweight, Every Lug Nut About 25 g, Reduce Unsprung Weight
  • Genuine Wheel Nuts with BONOSS Engraved, Quality Assurance, Safer
  • Hard Anodizing Surface for Excellent Scratch Resistance, Rustproof
  • More Than 8 Color Options Available to Personalize Your Wheels
  • Worry-free 12 Months Warranty, Friendly Customer Service
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1. The price is for (1 set) BONOSS Renault Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum Wheel Lug Nut (20 pcs). It is compatible with Renault Alaskan/Koleos/Master/Clio/Pulse/Safrane/Scala and More. For a better shopping experience, please confirm your vehicle model and the year. If you are using the aftermarket wheels, please confirm the lug seat and the length before purchasing. Our friendly customer service will help you solve any question.
2. Note: Please avoid using abrasive or corrosive cleaners. In addition, using power tools may also damage the finish, which is not covered by the 10-year warranty.

BONOSS Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts Torquing Lug Nuts Car Wheel Nuts (1)
BONOSS Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts Torquing Lug Nuts Car Wheel Nuts (2)
BONOSS Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts Torquing Lug Nuts Car Wheel Nuts (3)
BONOSS Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts Torquing Lug Nuts Car Wheel Nuts (4)
BONOSS Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts Torquing Lug Nuts Car Wheel Nuts (5)
BONOSS Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts Torquing Lug Nuts Car Wheel Nuts (6)
BONOSS Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts Torquing Lug Nuts Car Wheel Nuts (7)
BONOSS Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts Torquing Lug Nuts Car Wheel Nuts (8)
BONOSS Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts Torquing Lug Nuts Car Wheel Nuts for Rims (1)
BONOSS Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts Torquing Lug Nuts Car Wheel Nuts (10)
BONOSS Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts Torquing Lug Nuts High Strength Car Wheel Nuts for Rims

1. What is the size of Renault lug nuts?

Original Thread and Seat Type (Reference)
Thread Size: M12x1.5 / M14x1.5 / M12x1.25
Ball seat/conical seat is available for aftermarket wheels;
It is recommended that choose a set of aftermarket lug nuts that is the same thread as the original equipped one. At the BONOSS store, we have lined up these Renault lug nuts according to the specifications of the OE ones. All you need to do is telling us the model and year of your car, simple and high effective. For more details, check on What size are lug nuts on car.

2. What are BONOSS lug nuts on a Renault car?

A Renault lug nut features a hex-shaped fastener that threads onto the wheel stud, securing the wheel in place and centering it properly on the axle. Equipping your vehicle with the correct lug nuts is very important to ensure safety and reliability. BONOSS forged 7075-T6 lug nuts are specially designed for completing your performance aftermarket wheels style. No-compromise manufacture to ensure quality and its unsurpassed level of safety. The closed-end design provides more gripping strength, more stud engagement, and better corrosion resistance than common lug nuts. In addition, they are about 60% lighter than common steel lug nuts. For more details, check on What’s the difference between lug nuts and bolts.

3. Why do I need new Renault lug nuts for new wheels?

Generally, the OEM wheel studs determine the size and thread pitch of the Renault lug nuts. Then the seat type of lug nuts depends on the wheels. Since aftermarket wheels are often designed by different manufacturers, there are different lug seats from the stock wheels. The most common lug seats are cone seat, ball seat and flat seat. Sometimes, it is capable to reuse the stock lug nuts if the new wheels come with the same lug seat. However, it’s a perfect time to replace the old, corroded, or damaged lug nuts. If you use higher-strength lug nuts, they will also improve the safety of your new rims. For more details, check on When should I replace lug nuts.

4. What do you Renault lug nuts do for BBS/Work/HRE/Rays/OZ wheel rims?

A set of new Renault lug nuts will bring a fresh appearance and a better performance to your vehicle. With the correct thread size and seat type, the BONOSS 7075-T6 Aluminum Renault lug nuts fit the following aftermarket rim brands, including Work Wheels, BBS Wheels, Fuel wheels, Forged wheels, American Force Wheels, Enkei Wheels, OZ Wheels, SSR Wheels, Vossen Wheels, HRE Wheels, Rays Wheels and so on. Our customer service will answer if you have any doubts about the aftermarket rim. For more details, check on Are wheel lug nuts universal.

5. Is it safe to replace Renault lug nuts?

Yes, aftermarket Renault wheel lug nuts are totally legal and safe to use in racing or off-road events. The only thing you have to do is be careful to properly torque them. Wheel lug nuts are designed to fasten your wheels with a clamping force. When torqued to the manufacturer-specified spec, they will make a strong mechanical connection to the threads on the vehicle hub. Properly torquing your Renault lug nuts are to the correct specifications is the most important aspect to ensure safe and reliable wheel installation. Aftermarket Renault lug nuts are made to fit various wheels. As long as you get the high-quality lug nuts and get them installed correctly, there is no safety issue. For more details, check on Can You Replace Lug Nuts.

6. What material are BONOSS Renault lug nuts made of?

These BONOSS Renault wheel lug nuts are constructed from a single piece of aircraft-grade forged 7075-T6 Aluminum alloy which features many desirable properties such as high strength, wear-resistance, excellent toughness, impact resistance, and high-temperature resistance. This metal performs good mechanical properties: Tensile strength≥572Mpa, Yield strength≥503Mpa, and Failure Elongation≈11%. Compared to universal Aluminum lug nuts selling on the market, they have undergone a continuous forging process, their strength and toughness are greatly improved. Precision at 0.02mm tolerance, which offers a perfect complement to both stock and aftermarket wheels, more importantly, safer and more professional. For more details, check on What causes lug nuts to break off.

7. What does the “BONOSS Engraved” mean?

Many competitors often use casting lug nuts in pursuit of lowering the cost, and these lug nuts are often only marked with metric units without brand engraved. In view of this, each BONOSS Renault wheel lug nut is “BONOSS engraved”, meaning these matching wheel lug nuts are made by BONOSS’s own factory. In case of this, the quality can be guaranteed and the customers’ interests can be protected. This is not only our confidence in the product but also our responsibility to customers. For more details, check on How to Choose Safe Wheel Lug Nuts.

8. What are the pros of forged 7075-T6 Aluminum lug nuts?

Aftermarket Renault lug nuts can add a personalized style to your vehicle. Usually, they are in a mass variety of colors and styles. You can invest in new lug nuts for entirely aesthetic purposes. By using lug nuts of different styles, you can make the rims more noticeable while keeping the current wheels. If you get aftermarket wheels, you can also choose a set of aftermarket lug nuts to further enhance the visual effect. In addition, Aluminum is around 1/3 the weight of steel. Aluminum lug nuts have a much better strength to weight ratio than steel lug nuts. Each BONOSS lug nut net weight is 28g, a set of BONOSS Aluminum wheel lug nuts weight is about 560g. A lighter spring weight can reduce fuel consumption and vehicle loss, and effectively improve driving performance. BONOSS lug nuts take safety, dependability, and style to the next level. For more details, check on Are Aluminum lug nuts good or bad.

9. Can I customize Renault lug nuts?

BONOSS independent design and customization department and professional customized production line are able to complete your Renault custom lug nuts. OEM/ODM is available. Besides, if you need a custom lug nut with unusual thread, hex size, or length, BONOSS custom service is ready to listen to your requirements. Materials, thread sizes, color, decorative pattern, and more options can be all customized to you. For more details, check on BONOSS custom wheel lug nut service.

10. How do I know what Renault lug nuts to buy?

Depending on the wheels and vehicle hub, aftermarket Renault lug nuts vary in the thread, seat type, or others. Typically, you need to keep the thread length and pitch the same as the length and pitch of the stock Renault lug nuts. Otherwise, the nuts may not be able to properly secure the wheel. You feel hard to thread M12x1.5 lug nuts into M14x1.5 studs. You can find the right size in your vehicle’s manual. It’s essential to be aware of the head shape. Most Renault cars’ lug nuts have a hex shape that is designed for fitting a range of regular sockets. But some lug nuts’ head diameter is commonly designed for specific aftermarket wheels and will require an adapter for installation/removal. Improper installation of nuts leads to vibration, broken wheel combination, or even your wheel falling off your vehicle! For more details, check on How do I know what size lug nuts I need.

11. How to install BONOSS Aluminum lug nuts for Renault cars?

Replacing Renault wheel lug nuts is an easy job for you. Hopefully, the instructions below can help those of you keen to install Renault lug nuts yourself. For more details, check on How do I install new lug nuts.

12. Who sells Renault wheel lug nuts near me?

BONOSS has cooperated with distributors worldwide. You can click to check on the dealers’ location. Or, you can place an order directly on our sales page. Sufficient inventory can be timely delivered in most countries and regions. For more details, check on Who sells wheel lug nuts near me.

1. How can I get my Renault lug nuts? How much is the freight, including domestic import duties?

After you place an order, BONOSS shipping department will give priority to choose FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, or other expresses, striving to deliver the wheel nuts you ordered to you in the shortest possible time. The freight depends on the shipping weight and volume, excluding tariffs! It does not include special service fees in remote areas (in rare cases, we will contact you in advance if there are any).

2. How long will it take to ship my Renault lug nuts?

For in-stock BONOSS Renault lug nuts, normally ship within 24-48 hours. For custom-made Renault wheel nuts, normally ship within 3 working days (some special custom orders and models may take a longer time). Once your wheel nuts are shipped out, we will send the tracking numbers to the email you provided. Please pay attention to check it. If you have not received the tracking number or you have other problems, please contact our friendly customer service.

3. How long can I get my Renault Aluminum lug nuts?

Generally, it takes 3-7 working days to arrive. Aviation, weather, politics, and customs inspection may cause a delayed delivery. But it usually doesn’t take long, please feel free. We will follow up the whole process to make your Renault car lug nuts delivered faster. When the package(s) arrives at your local delivery service center, Congratulations, you are about to receive your new lug nut kit!

4. Where will my Renault aftermarket lug nuts be sent from?

BONOSS warehouses exist in different countries and regions. Priority to choose the closest warehouse to your order address, or the most price-friendly area for delivery. We recommend purchasing from local dealers, so as to get your Renault tire nuts instantly as well as save much shipping fees. Click to find out Who sells wheel spacers near me.

5. Can my Renault car wheel nuts be sent to my country and location?

Through FedEx / DHL / UPS / TNT / EMS multiple express delivery methods, BONOSS Renault wheel lug nuts can be delivered to most of the countries and regions in the world, you don’t need to worry about this problem. But a few remote carriers will charge special service fees (in rare cases, we will contact you in advance if there are any). If you meet any doubts, please contact our friendly customer service.

6. What should I do if there is a problem with my Renault wheel lug nuts transportation?

In rare cases, due to the third party, the package(s) might be damaged, lost, delayed, etc. during transportation. Once this happens, or if you encounter any problems during the delivery of your Renault wheel nuts, please feel free to Contact Us, and we will help you strive for the maximum interest.

Notice: In some situations, when the BONOSS Renault lug nuts arrive at your local Delivery Service Center, but you did not clear customs or sign for receipt in time, you will assume full responsibility for the package(s) being returned or destroyed.

Thank you for choosing BONOSS Renault Wheel Lug Nuts. In order to provide you with a more convenient, fast, and safe payment method, BONOSS selects most of the popular international trading methods. If none of the payments below is suitable for you, please contact us for the solution. So far, BONOSS fully supports the following payments:

(1) Recommend PayPal.
(2) Bank Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) Accepted.
(3) Western Union Payment Accepted.
(4) Alipay and WeChat Pay Accepted.
(5) Not Accepted Cryptocurrencies.

Notice: Please ensure that the Billing details and Shipping address are completely correct, and welcome to Contact Us if you have any questions.

We sincerely hope that our products bring a good experience and happiness to your life. The return will bring actual interest losses to each other, we do not recommend this, but we fully respect your right to return. We agree to a 100% refund for the product when the following conditions are met, but you need to bear the resulting freight and taxes.

(1) Within 30 calendar days.
(2) The product has not been used, the package is complete, and the product will not affect the second use.
(3) Customized products do not support returns.

If you have consulted our professional services before purchasing, and the product is not applicable due to our reasons, we will take the responsibility of returning the product(s). For more details, check on Terms and Conditions.

Thank you for choosing BONOSS Renault Wheel Lug Nuts. BONOSS has been designing and manufacturing performance wheel nuts since 2007. Professional production experience and excellent product quality make us confident to provide a Super Long Warranty Service up to 12 months that far exceeds the period of most brands.

BONOSS promises that if there is any quality problem with the product within 12 months, we will provide warranty service. Please Check Warranty.

Thank you sincerely for choosing BONOSS Renault Wheel Lug Nuts! These lug nuts were manufactured from the finest materials and to the highest quality standards in the industry. We believe that you are in love with life, full of happiness, and keen to share, just like most Renault car owners.

We hope you can share your story with your friends on social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., telling them the reasons for choosing BONOSS Renault Wheel Lug Nuts, the installing process, before and after comparison, and your experience after the installation. Share the excellent story between you and your Renault cars, e.g., videos and pics about your mods of wheels, tires, brakes, body kit, suspension…

We are also glad to see your excellent modification ideas! Posting your story and @BONOSS, or sending videos and pictures to us, we will forward your wonderful story to our Official Social Account or publish it on the BONOSS Official Website to share your happiness with more friends. At the same time, any suggestions for our products are welcomed. It will be of great help to improve our products. In addition, if you have any questions about the BONOSS Renault Wheel Lug Nuts or need our assistance while using them, please get in touch with us today by email or telephone. We look forward to your feedback and will of course reply as soon as possible. Whether you have shared or given us suggestions, we prepared special coupons for you. Contact Us and get them right now!

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