The answer is yes, you can put suitable BONOSS wheel spacers on Tesla Model 3. The ET value of the wheels can be adjusted appropriately under safe conditions to get a better vehicle stance or to meet the owner’s need to modify special data wheels, with the Tesla Model 3 updated and optimized, electric cars have become a development trend, similarly, the modification culture has spread from gasoline cars to electric cars, the drive train modification is not yet perfect, but in the appearance of the full range of BONOSS products is available for the 2022 Tesla Model 3.

In most cases, customers prefer to purchase and install 15mm-20mm tesla model 3 wheel spacers, taking into account the full shape of the vehicle and the safety of driving, as excessive offset may cause the tires to cut against the road and damage the appearance of the wheels. The Wheel Spacers are designed with the full shape of the vehicle and safe driving in mind. Find more cases on the Youtube channel.



Is it safe to use wheel spacers on Tesla?

Properly qualified wheel spacers will not have driving problems after correct installation, how do judge the quality of wheel spacers? First of all, consumers should choose products with a brand Logo, and secondly, when choosing wheel spacers should choose with hub-centric, the reason is that the force process of the drive shaft is stabilized by hub-centric, some inferior products lack hub-centric resulting in strange noise or even steering wheel shaking in the driving process of the wheel part. BONOSS wheel spacers fit Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model X, and more Tesla cars.

In the installation of wheel spacers to the hub, through each lug nut for fixed torque tightening to ensure safety, widening the track has been criticized by some commentators, but in decades of motorsports, the use of wheel spacers to obtain greater stability and the better driving experience is ignored, ignoring the factors of intense driving, whether there is in daily driving Violent driving leads to safety issues is also a problem that every driver needs to think about, we do not recommend violent driving vehicles, either before or after modification, we advocate safe driving.


What do Wheel spacers do?

There are four major functions recognized by most wheel spacers on the market. The first function is to widen the left and right wheelbase for better grip, handling, and steering; the second function is that some off-road vehicles need to install larger wheels, wheel spacers can help the wheels avoid rubbing the fenders; the third function is to expand the space for the stock performance brakes, general performance calipers need more space than the original; the fourth function is the appearance of the vehicle style, both the full appearance and the aggressive style have received the love of car modification enthusiasts.

In addition, BONOSS active cooling design can help brake heat dissipation, increasing the contact area of gas flow, this design is the first BONOSS patented technology, taking into account the above-mentioned functions for wheel spacers this product adds more possibilities, which is the consistent design concept of BONOSS. Google Tesla model 3 BONOSS wheel spacers to find more information about BONOSS.