If you own a Range Rover Sport l320, you might be wondering what are wheel spacers and why you might need them. Wheel spacers are devices that fit between the wheel hub and the wheel, increasing the distance between the two. They can improve the appearance, performance and handling of your vehicle by changing the wheel offset and widening the track. In this post, we will explain what are Range Rover Sport l320 wheel spacers good for, how to install them yourself, and which ones to choose.

Range Rover Sport l320 wheel spacers – complete guide and overview

What are Range Rover Sport l320 wheel spacers good for?

Wheel spacers can have several benefits for your Range Rover Sport l320, depending on your preferences and needs. Here are some of the main advantages of using wheel spacers:

  • Appearance: Wheel spacers can make your wheels look more flush with the fenders, giving your vehicle a more aggressive and sporty stance. They can also allow you to fit wider rims and tires, enhancing the overall look of your Range Rover Sport l320.
  • Performance: Wheel spacers can improve the handling and stability of your vehicle by increasing the wheelbase and reducing the body roll. They can also improve the traction and grip of your tires by creating a larger contact patch with the road surface. Wheel spacers can also reduce the stress on the wheel bearings and suspension components by distributing the weight more evenly.
  • Clearance: Wheel spacers can provide more clearance for your brake calipers, suspension parts, and fender liners by pushing the wheels outwards. This can prevent rubbing and scraping issues, especially if you have upgraded or oversized components.

Range Rover Sport l320 wheel spacers – complete guide and overview

Can I install Range Rover Sport l320 wheel spacers myself?

Installing wheel spacers on your Range Rover Sport l320 is not a very difficult task, but it does require some basic tools and skills. You will need a jack, jack stands, a lug wrench, a torque wrench, and some anti-seize compound. You will also need to follow some safety precautions and instructions to ensure a proper and secure installation. Here are the general steps to install wheel spacers on your Range Rover Sport l320:

  • Park your vehicle on a flat and level surface, apply the parking brake, and loosen the lug nuts on the wheels you want to install the spacers on.
  • Jack up your vehicle and place jack stands under the appropriate jacking points. Remove the wheels from the vehicle.
  • Clean the wheel hub and the back of the wheel with a wire brush or a rag to remove any dirt or rust. Apply some anti-seize compound to the hub surface and the lug studs.
  • Align the wheel spacer with the hub and slide it over the lug studs. Make sure it fits snugly and securely. Some wheel spacers may have a hub-centric ring or collar that helps center them on the hub.
  • Reinstall the wheel over the spacer and hand-tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern. Lower your vehicle to the ground and torque the lug nuts to the manufacturer’s specifications using a torque wrench.
  • Repeat these steps for each wheel you want to install a spacer on. Check for any clearance issues or interference with any parts. Test drive your vehicle at low speeds and check for any vibrations, noises, or steering problems.

Which Range Rover Sport l320 wheel spacers do I need?

BONOSS is the spacer brand that produces quality and well-designed Range Rover Sport l320 wheel spacers. They are high-quality and high-performance wheel spacers. All of these spacers are aircraft grade 7075-T6 or 6061-T6 forged aluminum alloy. 7075-T6 aluminum alloy is the highest grade of material used to produce wheel spacers. Besides, BONOSS Range Rover Sport l320 wheel spacers are also equipped with the toughest studs, ISO grade 12.9 wheel studs. These studs are strong and durable to withstand the high pressure and strong impact.

Apart from quality, BONOSS Range Rover Sport l320 wheel spacers are beautiful. They are black anodizing coated. The whole spacer is shining black gold luster. On the side, it is the knurling pattern that not only enhances the aesthetic value, but reduces internal stress of the spacer body and makes it stronger.

The edge of BONOSS spacer is the active cooling design, which is an unparalleled and globally patented design. You can only see this design in BONOSS spacers. The active cooling structure consists of several dissipation grooves on the surface of the space which are symmetrical petal patterns. These grooves are mainly designed to reduce thermal decay and increase brake response. Especially when the wheel rotates fast, the active cooling effect is more effective.