If you own a 2024 Tesla Model S and want to install aftermarket wheels, you may be wondering what size wheel spacers are safe to use. Wheel spacers are used to push the wheels outward from the hub, effectively increasing the track width of the vehicle. This can provide clearance for larger brakes or allow fitting wider tires. However, improperly sized spacers can lead to handling issues or even catastrophic wheel failure. In this article, we’ll examine some key factors to consider when choosing wheel spacers for the 2024 Tesla Model S.

Wheel spacer basics

Wheel spacers are circular adapters that bolt to the hub on one side and allow the wheel to be mounted on the other. They come in various thicknesses, typically ranging from 5mm to 50mm. Thicker spacers increase the track width more. Hub-centric spacers properly center the wheel, while lug-centric spacers rely solely on the wheel lugs for centering. Hub-centric is preferable for safety and stability at speed.

OEM 2024 Tesla Model S wheel specs

The 2024 Tesla Model S comes standard with staggered 21″ aero wheels. The front wheels are 9.5″ wide with a +35mm offset. The rear wheels are 10.5″ wide with a +45mm offset. These provide a front track width of 66.9″ and rear track width of 68.2″.

Aftermarket wheels usually replicate these dimensions to fit properly without spacers. But if you want to install a wider wheel, spacers allow fitting them without rubbing on suspension or body components.

What size 2024 Tesla Model S wheel spacers are safest?

2024 Tesla Model S Wheel Spacers Guidelines

For the Model S, a 15-20mm spacer is safe for the front or rear. This moderately widens the track up to around 68″ front and 70″ rear with 265/275 width tires.

Quality BONOSS hub-centric 2024 Tesla Model S Wheel Spacers

Stick with name brand spacers designed specifically for the Tesla Model S. Cheap spacers may have sloppy manufacturing tolerances that allow the wheel so shift under torque. This can cause loosening or even wheel detachment.

BONOSS 2024 Tesla Model S wheel spacers can cool the wheel and brake. With the petal grooves shaved in the surface of spacers, the heat generated during the ride can be dissipated hence relieving the thermal decay. A quality set from BONOSS for a complete set. This is a small price to pay for proper fitment and safety. Stay away from the cheap no-name spacers online.

As an example, say you bought a set of 275/30R21 tires for the rear wheels. Mounting them on the stock 10.5″ rims leaves the tires slightly stretched. Going up to 11″ wide aftermarket rims better fits the wider rubber. But the additional 0.5″ track width pushes them outboard. 15mm spacers for the front and 20mm for the rear centers the wheels again. This achieves a balanced stance with the right wheel fitment.