If you own a Lamborghini URUS, you might be wondering how to enhance its performance and appearance. One of the ways to do that is by installing Lamborghini URUS wheel spacers, which are devices that fit between the wheel and the hub, creating a gap that pushes the wheel outward. Wheel spacers can improve the handling, stability, and stance of your vehicle, as well as allow you to fit larger tires and brakes. But how do you choose the right size of wheel spacers for your Lamborghini URUS?

What Size Lamborghini URUS wheel spacers are Best?

How to Choose the Right Size of  Lamborghini URUS wheel spacers?

The size of wheel spacers depends on several factor.

The bolt pattern and center bore of your wheels and hubs. They must match exactly to ensure a proper fit and avoid vibrations or damage.

The offset and width of your wheels. They determine how far inward or outward they sit on your hubs. The offset is measured in millimeters from the centerline of the wheel to the mounting surface. A positive offset means the wheel is closer to the inside of the vehicle, while a negative offset means the wheel is closer to the outside. The width is measured in inches from one edge of the wheel to the other.

The size and clearance of your tires and brakes. They must not rub against any part of your vehicle or cause any interference. You should measure the gap between your tire and the closest point of your suspension or fender, as well as between your brake caliper and the inner edge of your wheel.

Based on these factors, you can calculate how much space you need to create with wheel spacers. For example, if you have a wheel with a 40 mm offset and a 10 inch width, and you want to achieve a zero offset (meaning the centerline of the wheel is aligned with the mounting surface), you need to add 20 mm (half of the width) to 40 mm (the original offset), which gives you 60 mm. This means you need a 60 mm wheel spacer to achieve a zero offset. However, you also need to consider if this will cause any rubbing or interference with your tires or brakes. If so, you need to either reduce the size of the wheel spacer or increase the size of your tires or brakes.

Generally, for Lamborghini URUS wheel spacers, the bolt pattern is 5×130, the center bore is 71.5, and a reference thickness based on our tuning case is 50mm.

What Size Lamborghini URUS wheel spacers are Best?

Which Lamborghini URUS wheel spacers are of best performance?

BONOSS is the spacer brand that produces quality and well-designed Lamborghini URUS wheel spacers. They are high-quality and high-performance wheel spacers. All of these spacers are aircraft grade 7075-T6 or 6061-T6 forged aluminum alloy. 7075-T6 aluminum alloy is the highest grade of material applied to produce wheel spacers. Besides, BONOSS Lamborghini URUS wheel spacers are also equipped with the toughest studs, ISO grade 12.9 wheel studs. These studs are tough and durable to bear the high pressure and strong hit.

Except for quality, BONOSS Lamborghini URUS wheel spacers are pretty. They are black anodizing coated. The whole spacer is glittering black gold luster. On the side, it is the knurling pattern that not only increases the aesthetic value, but reduces internal stress of the spacer body and makes it tougher.

The edge of BONOSS spacer is the active cooling design, which is an unparalleled and globally patented design. You can only see this design in BONOSS spacers. The active cooling structure consists of several dissipation grooves on the surface of the space which are symmetrical petal patterns. These grooves are mainly devised to relieve thermal decay and increase brake response. Especially when the wheel rotates fast, the active cooling effect is more effective.

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