If you own a Subaru Outback, knowing the lug nut size and torque specs is important for changing a tire or swapping out wheels. The lug nuts help secure the wheels to the vehicle’s hub assembly. Using the proper size lug nut and tightening to the correct torque is crucial for safe operation. In this article, we’ll cover the lug nut size, socket size, torque specs, and lug nut options for the Subaru Outback.

Subaru Outback Lug Nut Size

The lug nuts on most Subaru Outback models from 2010 to 2022 are 12×1.25mm. This means the lug nuts have a diameter of 12mm and a thread pitch of 1.25mm. Some international market Outbacks may also have different sized lug nuts, so always check your owner’s manual if you’re unsure.

Knowing the proper diameter and thread pitch is important when shopping for replacement Subaru Outback lug nuts. Using the wrong size can damage the wheel bolts or hub assembly.

Subaru Outback Lug Nut Socket Size

To remove and install Subaru Outback lug nuts, you’ll need a 19mm socket (6-point or 12-point). This fits the 12mm diameter lug nuts used on most models from 2010-2022.

On earlier Outbacks that used a 14mm lug nut, a 21mm socket is required. Make sure to use a quality 6-point socket designed for automotive use, not a 12-point socket which is more likely to round off lug nut corners.

Subaru Outback Lug Nut Torque Specs

Properly torquing the Outback’s lug nuts is critical for safety. Under-torqued lug nuts can vibrate loose. Over-tightened lug nuts can stretch or damage the bolts.

Here are the recommended Subaru Outback lug nut torque specs:

  • Alloy lug nuts – 80-110 ft-lbs
  • Steel lug nuts – 90-120 ft-lbs

Always use a calibrated torque wrench when installing lug nuts. Tighten in a star or criss-cross pattern to ensure even clamping force. It’s also wise to re-check torque after around 100 miles of driving.

What size are the lug nuts on a Subaru Outback?

Which Lug Nuts Are Best for Subaru Outback?

While you can reuse the factory lug nuts, many Subaru Outback owners choose to upgrade to aftermarket lug nuts. This allows you to add a touch of customization and use higher-strength nuts. One top choice is BONOSS Subaru Outback lug nuts. Here are some benefits of using BONOSS steel lug nuts on a Subaru Outback.

  • Made from special-treated steel for 3X more strength than stock nuts. This helps prevent loosening and wheel wobble.
  • Special coating for corrosion resistance and a brilliant shine that enhances any wheel.
  • Conical seat design evenly distributes load for optimal wheel clamping.
  • Fits Subaru Outback lug nut threads precisely for consistent torque values.
  • Backed by a 10-year guarantee from BONOSS.

High-quality steel lug nuts like those offered by BONOSS provide peace of mind that your Outback’s wheels are safely and securely fastened. With proper torque, they are less likely to loosen over time compared to softer factory nuts.

For safe and dependable performance, upgrade to BONOSS lug nuts on your Subaru Outback. Just be sure to get the right 12×1.25mm size and use a torque wrench for installation. Doing so will keep your Outback’s wheels firmly attached for the long haul.