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The use of the stud conversion kit has changed the way rims are fastened on European cars. There are two common ways of fixing the rim, using either lug bolts or lug bolts to lock the rim, the first way is to use lug nuts, which are common on Japanese and American brands, and the lug nuts are used to fix the rim to the stud on the hub. The process is quick and easy. The second method is the use of lug bolts, which are commonly used on European car brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Bentley, and Ferrari. Once the rim has been placed in position using the aid, the lug bolts are aligned with the bolt holes for installation, which is a complex and difficult process. The installation process is more complicated and difficult without the aid of the lug bolts.

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Stud And Nut Conversion

In response to the tedium caused by lug bolts in the installation process, the third product offers a way of installation for European cars that are used in Japanese and American cars, it is the stud conversion kit, which has both ends of the thread, the shorter end of the thread is installed on the hub to achieve the role of the stud, then the rim is installed against the stud, and finally, the lug is fixed using The lug nut is then used to fix it. This is the principle behind the installation of the stud conversion kit.

This product is aimed at car owners who struggle with the installation and removal of the rim. For those who have an experience with the DIY rim, we can save on expensive labor costs, but we also struggle with holding the rim up to the bolt holes at home. Imagine holding a 19″, 20″ or even larger rim in one hand and looking for a lug bolt on the floor with the other, or maybe you’d hook the rim to the hub with an auxiliary tool, so why not go one step further and use a brand new stud conversion kit? And the benefits of a stud conversion kit are not only in the ease of mounting the rim but also in the many possibilities for conversion.



Stud conversion kits can be used with wheel spacers of a certain thickness. When you need to adjust the offset or modify a larger performance brake kit and find friction with the rim, in this case, fitting a set of wheel spacers requires replacing the extended lug bolts and this is a one-off, so you may need to retrieve your forgotten OE lug bolts from storage when you wish to restore the conversion. The stud conversion kit is a good solution to this problem, as you can use it with the stud conversion kit when fitting wheel spacers, as the length of the stud conversion kit, is flexible and even with wheel spacers fitted, there is still enough thread to fix them, as well as for OE rims and other aftermarket rims, which of course may have different contact surfaces for the lug nuts, so you just need to change the lug nuts.

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Are Wheel Stud Conversion Safe

The latest product from BONOSS is the Titanium Stud Conversion Kit, which is made from Aerospace-grade Ti6A14V, which achieves a Tensile Strength ≥1080 Mpa through cold forging technology. The benefits of the titanium material are not only reflected in the structural strength, but also in the extreme lightness, with each stud conversion weighing only 62g, greatly reducing the weight under the spring. A total of 20 stud conversion kits are available. A normal stud conversion kit may still use SCM440 or SCM435 material. In contrast, the titanium stud conversion kit has a very clear advantage. You don’t need to worry about the safety of the studs and lug nuts, they are as secure as a vehicle with lug nuts after the exact torque has been applied to them.

What Is A Stud Conversion Kit For 2022 Audi S3-Xu (1)