If you own a Subaru or are shopping for one, you may be wondering about the lug pattern. The lug pattern refers to the number and configuration of lug nuts used to mount the wheels to the vehicle. This is an important specification, as you need to match your wheel’s lug pattern to your vehicle’s in order for the wheels to fit properly.

The short answer is no, not all Subarus have the same lug nuts pattern. However, most Subarus on the road today use one of two common lug patterns: 5×100, 5×114.3

Here’s a quick overview of which Subaru models use which bolt pattern:

Subaru Models with 5×100 Bolt Pattern:

-Subaru Impreza -Subaru Crosstrek -Subaru BRZ -Subaru WRX (2002-2014) -Subaru Forester (1997-2008) -Subaru Legacy (1990–1999) -Subaru Outback (2000-2004)

Subaru Models with 5×114.3 Bolt Pattern:

-Subaru WRX (2015-present) -Subaru STI -Subaru Legacy (2000-present) -Subaru Outback (2005-present) -Subaru Forester (2009-present) -Subaru Tribeca

So why aren’t all Subaru lug patterns the same? It mainly has to do with changes in design and engineering over the decades. When Subaru switched model generations and platforms, they also changed the lug pattern in some cases to accommodate different brakes, wheels, and drivetrain components.

The lug nuts themselves are also important – you’ll want to use the proper style and size for your Subaru’s pattern to safely secure the wheels. Using improper lug nuts can be extremely dangerous.

Do all Subaru have the same lug pattern?

Which Subaru Lug Nuts Are Best?

This brings us to lug nut material and construction. While you can find lug nuts in black finishes, steel is generally the strongest and most durable choice. There are a few reasons why BONOSS steel lug nuts are the best match for Subaru models.

  • High Grade Steel Construction: BONOSS uses forged steel for incredible tensile strength. This ensures the lugs won’t crack or break under torque and driving stresses.
  • Precise Manufacturing Tolerances: Each BONOSS Subaru lug nut is machined for precise thread fitment and compatibility with Subaru lug patterns. This guarantees excellent fit and proper tightening.
  • Enhanced Corrosion Resistance: BONOSS Subaru lug nuts feature a finish over the steel for enhanced protection from rust and corrosion. This keeps them looking great for years while maintaining structural integrity.
  • Special Seat: Unlike many aftermarket lug nuts, BONOSS includes a special seat to evenly distribute load. This design prevents damage to your Subaru’s wheel studs and lug holes.
  • Work with Most Aftermarket Wheels: The tapered seat design allows BONOSS lug nuts to work with steel, alloy, and custom aftermarket wheels.
  • Easy Installation: With six-sided nut, BONOSS lugs slide easily over studs for quick installation and wrenching. The hex shape allows use of all standard socket sizes too.

So if you’re looking for upgrade lug nuts for your Subaru WRX, Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, or other model, BONOSS steel lug nuts are hands-down the best choice. They meet or exceed OEM specs for durability and fitment while sporting a stylish, corrosion-resistant  finish. Order a set today to keep your Suby wheels safely bolted on!