Installing wheel spacers on your Subaru Stella can allow you to use wider tires and wheels, improving the look and handling of your car. However, there are safety considerations to keep in mind when using wheel spacers, especially cheap, low-quality spacers. In this article, we’ll look at whether Subaru Stella wheel spacers are safe to use when properly installed and whether the BONOSS brand offers a good option.

Are Wheel Spacers Safe in General?

Wheel spacers can be safe when used properly on the right vehicles. Spacers change the positioning of the wheels in relation to the hub and suspension components. Quality spacers that are precision-machined to match the vehicle’s stud pattern and hub centering allow secure mounting and proper alignment. The key considerations are:

  • Material and build quality – Aircraft-grade aluminum with precise CNC machining is best to prevent cracking or breaking under stress. Steel spacers can be very heavy.
  • Proper sizing and fitment – The spacers must position the wheels properly relative to suspension and body components across the full range of motion.
  • Proper installation – Correct tightening of all lug nuts prevents vibrations, loosening, and potential detachment at speed.

So quality, vehicle-specific spacers that are properly installed can be safe. However, universal spacers or very large spacers can create issues if not designed specifically for that make/model. Always follow manufacturer specifications for spacer sizing and installation. Also consult with your tire shop.

Are Wheel Spacers Safe on the Subaru Stella?

For the Subaru Stella, a mini 4×4 kei car, small wheel spacers within manufacturer-approved specs can work well:

  • The Stella has a solid rear axle design suitable for moderate spacer use. Some spacer guidelines still apply.
  • Sticking to a maximum of 25mm spacers front and rear is wise.

So the Subaru Stella can safely run small, properly-fitted spacers. Using quality brand spacers designed for the Stella specifically also helps ensure proper fitment and safety.

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Why Choose BONOSS Wheel Spacers?

The BONOSS brand specializes in wheel spacers and suspension components designed specifically for Kei trucks like the Subaru Sambar and Stella. Their wheel spacers for Stella models feature:

  • 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 machined billet aluminum construction – light and strong.
  • Precise CNC machining with model-specific lug patterns. Guaranteed to clear hub and brakes with no binding or vibration.
  • Thick 8mm minimum thickness for durability.
  • Proper shoulder lengths to precisely position wheels relative to hubs and brakes. Spacers are sized based on exact Stella specs.

So BONOSS Subaru Stella spacers are engineered specifically for correct and secure fitment with all wheels and tires within manufacturer guidelines and suspension travel limits. Their quality machining, included accessories, strong fasteners and vehicle-matched design make them a great choice for safely running wheel spacers on the Stella.

Adding wheel spacers to your Subaru Stella allows fitting larger wheels and tires but must be done properly for safety. Using quality brand spacers like BONOSS designed specifically for your vehicle, within size limits, and having them professionally installed is important for avoiding issues. This allows securely expanding wheel fitment options without excess risk of spacers cracking, failing or negatively impacting handling. So for the Stella, running quality spacers like BONOSS allows widening your wheel and tire choices safely.

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