You can choose between Subaru WRX wheel spacers with longer wheel studs or bolt-on Subaru WRX wheel spacers. When we answer this question, you need to determine the type of Subaru wheel spacers you are buying or planning to buy. Using longer studs will be effective because it structurally reduces the chance of error, but as long as you install the bolt-on wheel spacers correctly, they will be just as safe.

Longer studs will be essential if you want slip-on Subaru WRX wheel spacers. In addition, you will need to purchase additional wheel studs of the correct length and quality, find a professional mechanic to remove the stock wheel studs and replace and lock the new wheel studs. This will take more time and effort, but the slip-on Subaru WRX wheel spacers will be reliable because it uses a One-piece design that reduces the structure of Subaru WRX wheel spacers and wheel locking.

Bolt-on Subaru WRX wheel spacers are currently the product of choice for more customers because they do not require extended wheel studs, and you can install them in your garage. Generally, bolt-on Subaru WRX wheel spacers will be provided with five extra nuts to lock the wheel spacers. Using a torque wrench with a value and installing them will be your easy step to get an aggressive look.

Do Subaru WRX Wheel Spacers Need to Fit Longer Wheel Studs or Bolts When Installing?


How Long Does Wheel Studs Needed To Fit Subaru WRX Wheel Spacers?

The length of the wheel studs will directly determine whether the Subaru WRX wheel spacers and hubs will fall off at high speeds. The correct method is to purchase wheel studs according to the Subaru WRX wheel spacers you choose, and some vendors will also provide matching wheel studs. The length of the wheel spacer and the stock wheel studs will be the final length of your aftermarket wheel studs. Threads must be paired with data from stock lug nuts or selected based on aftermarket lug nuts.

Excessively long wheel studs may cause the lug nuts to fail to lock the wheels and Subaru WRX wheel spacers, which may cause the wheels to shake or even fall off at high speeds. Another situation is that the looseness causes long time wear and tear, resulting in the deformation of the wheel’s bolt holes. Too short wheel studs can also cause the wheels to fall off. BONOSS has strict requirements on the number of lug nuts to be installed, and lug nuts with less than the safe number of lug nuts cannot lock the wheels.

Are Wheel Studs Safe to Run Subaru WRX Wheel Spacers?

BONOSS offers its customer’s wheel studs in grade 12.9 with Subaru WRX wheel spacers, made of a high-strength steel alloy of SCM440, forged in a technology that gives the steel alloy a tight internal structure and a rust-proof surface coating that effectively extends its service life. The most important performance, it can provide up to 152,000N ultimate tensile strength and 121,000N Proof Load, with rust resistance up to 500H. 12.9 grade is the highest among wheel bolts, usually used in trucks with high load capacity or racing cars requiring intense driving.

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