If you own a Subaru XT and want to install wheel spacers, one of the most common questions is “What size wheel spacers are best and safe for my car?” Choosing the right wheel spacer width comes down to your goals, driving style, and understanding safety limits. In this post, we’ll overview recommended and max sizes for Subaru XT wheel spacers so you can make an informed decision.

What Size Subaru XT Wheel Spacers Are Best?

For most Subaru XT owners looking to moderately extend their wheel stance, wheel spacers between 20mm-35mm are ideal. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • 20mm – Provides a subtle stretch that begins to widen the stance without compromising too much offset. Great for those who want a small change in look.
  • 25mm – The most common size chosen for a nice improved stance while maintaining safety and performance.
  • 30mm – Provides a noticeable difference in track width for those who want more aggressive styling. Requires more diligence to ensure proper fitment.
  • 35mm – Approaching the maximum safe size for street driving. Only recommended if you have double checked there is adequate fender clearance and brake caliper space at full turn.

Why should you stay close to these spacer width recommendations and not go overboard? Two words: safety and performance.

How Big Subaru XT Wheel Spacers Are Safe?

BONOSS Subaru XT Wheel Spacers Are Best

Now that you know ideal spacer widths for the Subaru XT, where should you buy them? BONOSS wheel spacers are regarded as the highest-quality and safest wheel spacers for Subarus and other import vehicles. Here’s why they can’t be beaten:

  • Precise Engineering Specific to Your Subaru: BONOSS engineer spacers tailored specifically for certain years and models of Subaru vehicles. You get perfect fitment guaranteed.
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction: Using only durable billet aluminum allows for lightweight yet extremely strong spacers.
  • Complete Hub-Centric Design: BONOSS spacers properly center on your Subaru’s hubs to prevent vibration and wheel movement. This makes driving safer and ride quality better.
  • Thorough Testing and Quality Control: Before any wheel spacer leaves their factory, BONOSS thoroughly tests them to validate exceptional structural integrity that gives peace of mind.

Put your trust only in BONOSS when it comes to choosing quality, durable and safe wheel spacers sized right for your Subaru XT. For improved style and proper fitment, BONOSS delivers results.

Whether you want to conservatively stretch your stance or more aggressively widen your track, understanding ideal and maximum Subaru XT wheel spacer widths helps decide how far to safely go. And for unbeatable engineering, construction and safety – choose BONOSS spacers. Your Subaru XT will take on an improved muscular look that performs as good as it looks.

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