If you’re a Tesla Model 3 owner looking to customize the stance and look of your car, installing wheel spacers can help you achieve the perfect fitment. However, with so many spacer options on the market, it can be tricky figuring out what size is suitable and safe for your Model 3. In this article, we’ll overview some key considerations for selecting quality Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers that won’t compromise performance.

Determining Tesla Model 3 Wheel Spacer Size Compatibility

When shopping for Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers, the most important measurement is the hub-centric diameter. This must precisely match the center bore of your Model 3’s wheels. Using a spacer with inconsistent or inaccurate hub sizing can lead to vibration and other issues down the road. The thickness of the spacer, which pushes the wheels outward, can range from 5mm to 30mm for most applications. Just ensure the resulting track width and tire clearance to suspension and body components with the spacers installed is acceptable.

In general, moderate spacer thicknesses between 15-25mm are considered reasonable for the Model 3 platform without requiring adjustments to fender flares, suspension geometry, or encountering clearance problems. It’s also key to remember your wheel’s offset and backspacing measurements when calculating the optimal spacer sizing. Hub-centric spacers engineered specifically to seamlessly integrate with Tesla vehicles offer the best fit and finish.

The Benefits of Properly Sized Spacers

Installing properly designed, hub-centric spacers in moderate 15-25mm sizes can provide Model 3 owners some great benefits without sacrificing ride quality or wheel control. Some of the positives include:

  • Filling out wheel wells for a flush, aggressive fitment
  • Improving stance and reducing the visual wheel gap
  • Options for plus-sizing wheel and tire diameters
  • Precision calibration for track racing setups
  • Maintaining critical suspension geometry

What Size Tesla Model 3 Wheel Spacers are OK? 

BONOSS Tesla Model 3 Wheel Spacers – The Best Choice?

For Model 3 owners specifically seeking to mildly push their wheel fitment boundaries between 15-25mm for aesthetics or racing, the BONOSS brand wheel spacers represent a smart option. They check the critical boxes we outlined earlier around proper hub-centric sizing to accurately match Tesla’s center bores. The 7075T6 aircraft-grade aluminum construction also offers exceptional durability during all types of driving. BONOSS Tesla Model3 wheel spacers are active cooling parts that are capable to relieve thermal decay.

BONOSS wheel spacers have undergone extensive fitment testing and quality control to provide reliable performance. Their anodized surface treatment improves corrosion resistance from road salts and weathering while still looking great behind the wheels. For added peace of mind, they provide a 10-year warranty and guarantee precise OE-level fit and finish. With cost-effective pricing, they aim to deliver fantastic value catered to Genuine Tesla Accessory standards.

Installing properly engineered spacers like BONOSS offers Tesla Model 3 owners new possibilities for customizing stance without compromising critical aspects of performance and handling. Following some general best practices around spacer sizing, construction quality, and understanding suspension limitations allows you to enhance your EV’s look confidently. Just remember even 25-30mm is bordering on excessive track width changes for the stock setup. Moderation remains key! But with the right spacers in 15-25mm sizes, you can achieve the deeper concave wheel fitment that sets your Model 3 apart without issues.